ELF and VLF Electromagnetic Field Effects Facklitteratur

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är Facklitteratur
Publicerad år 1974
ISBN 0-306-30826-6
sidantal 316
Av Michael A Persinger
Publicerad av Plenum Press (Ney York and London)

Alias: elf and vlf electromagnetic field effects

Omfång16x24 cm



  • Introduction (M A Persinger)
  • ELF and VLF Signal Properties: Physical Characteristics (H L König)
  • Electric and Magnetic Field Strengths in the Open and in Shielded Rooms in the ULF- to LF-zone (H W Ludwig)
  • Behavioural Changes in Human Subjects Associated with ELF Electric Fields (H L König)
  • ELF-effects on Human Circadian Rhythms (R Wever)
  • Operant Methods Assessing the Effects of ELF Electromagnetic Fields (J de Lorge and M J Marr)
  • Behavioural, Physiological, and Histological Changes in Rats Exposed During Various Developmental Stages to ELF Magnetic Fields (M A Persinger, G F Lafreni_re and K-P Ossenkopp)
  • Oxygen and Biochemical Changes Following ELF Exposure (G Altman)
  • Precambrian ELF and Abiogenesis (F E Cole and E R Graf)
  • ELF Electric and Magnetic Field Effects: The Patterns and the Problems (M A Persinger)