making Spells and Charms Facklitteratur

a practical guide to simple spellweaving

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är Facklitteratur
Behandlar Besvärjelse och Magi
Publicerad år 2002
ISBN 1-84215-213-0
sidantal 64
Av Sally Morningstar
Publicerad av Southwater
språk Engelska

Alias: making spells and charms


Includes spells to enchance your life and relationships and bring out the best of yourself and those around you.

Helps put you in touch with the world of magic that is all around us, including angels fairies and the enrgy of nature.

Holds all you need to know to begin your own spellweaving, and equips you wih the knowledge to make your own special kind of magic.

An enchanting book full of charm and mystery.