The Witch's Spellcraft Revised Facklitteratur

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är Facklitteratur
Behandlar Besvärjelse, Ockultism och Magi
Publicerad år 1997
ISBN 0-9438-3213-6
sidantal 128
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Publicerad av International Imports
språk Engelska

Bok innehållande spells.

Alias: the witch's spellcraft revised



Thus cometh an end to the Witch's Spellcraft Thou probably thinkest I be crazy and daft.

Before Thou cast aspersions on me, Hast Thou tried these lessons to the last degree? I teacheth only what Thou dost need to know, To make Thy sorcery flower and grow.

Low Magics be the crafts of the Art. Which hone Thy Will to be sharp as a dart.

In time Thou canst to The Craft aspire, and grow beyond Sorcery's petty desire.

Then in the Old Gods loving embrace, Thou groweth in stature to Spiritual Grace.

Blessed Be!