The Underground Stream Facklitteratur

Esoteric Tarot Revealed

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är Facklitteratur
Behandlar Tarot
Publicerad år 1999
ISBN 0-9673043-0-X
sidantal 155
Av Christine Payne-Towler
språk Engelska

en bok om esoterisk tarot, främst från Europa för GD och Levi.

Alias: the underground stream och underground stream


In this thought provoking work Christine Payne-Towler weaves together strands of ancient knowledge and evolving magical traditions to illuminate the blind spots that inhibit our understanding of the origins of the Tarot. Drawing on her many years as a Tarot scholar and practitioner, she combines ancient astrology, Hebrew Kaballah, Alexandrian Hermeticism, Renaissance Magism, and a history of the European Secret Societies to present the esoteric structure underlying Tarot.
Profusely illustrated, with many images from the first two centuries of Tarot, this work allowes one to see the Tarot as its originators saw it.