Frukterianism Kost, Lära

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Att endast äta råa frukter. Även vissa grönsaker som klassas som frukter. Alltså inget som är tillagat. Fallfrukterianer äter endast frukter som fallit till marken, av etiska skäl.

Alias: fruktarianism och frukterianism


How do you get all the protein you need?
Well, how much does a person need? For sure you can't look in a table for values, because these tables are made for omnivores. When you become a fruitarian your rate of nutrient assimilation increases. The rate might be 70-80% for fruitarians and maybe 20-30% for omnivores. This means that fruitarians need a whole lot less protein (and other nutrients too, of course) than omnivores. Some say that the human body, no matter what, uses 20-25 g of protein/day. Well, let's say they're right and that a fruitarian then should need about 30 g protein/day.

All fruit contains about 1% protein; that is 10 g per kg. Avocado (which most fruitarians eat a lot of) contains more, between 2-3%. I don't know for sure how much other fruitarians eat, but I eat 2.5-3.5 kg of fruit a day, which means that I get 25-35 g of protein/day (probably a bit more due to the avocados). We can see that it's enough, because I needed about 30 g/day. The banana, for example, contains all essential amino-acids and a couple more. In fact, in a banana you can find everything your body needs!

How do you get the essential fatty-acids?
All fruit (except watermelon) contains between 0.5-1.3 g of fat. A varied fruit diet will easily get you the essential fatty-acids. And then there is the avocado! About 16-20 g fat and all the essentials included.

Isn't it boring eating only fruit?
If you compare a fruit diet with any other diet you will find that there are much fewer options for combinations. Fruitarians don't see this as a problem; on the contrary, the fewer the combinations, the better. The best combination is NO combination. This means that the optimal meal is just one kind of fruit! You let this one fruit play all its tones in your body without disturbance and that means that you use its energy in the best way possible! There can be no digestive problems of any kind if you eat one fruit at a time, just a lot of vibrating energy. About the boring part, when you have been fruitarian for a while you always look forward to eating the next meal, because you know how good it will taste (and how easy it will be to make!).

How about warm food during winter?
This may be a justified question to someone like me in the north. And all I can say is that I do not feel like I need warm food. Perhaps a cup of herb tea. As always, heated food contains no enzymes and is therefore harder to digest. Another interesting aspect is that heated food makes your blood cells get into groups of several instead of being alone, which means that they will supply your body with less oxygen. And the less oxygen, the less energy...

Is it socially difficult?
If you have the thought that it is difficult, then it is, but if you accept your own differences, other people will too. I had a pretty hard time at the beginning of my fruitful life. There were a whole lot of questions to be answered; everybody asked me the same questions and they all wanted individual answers. Listening to me when I answered someone else was not good enough, which I understand. As mentioned before, it's quite easier to answer a person who knows a little about health and nutrition. Another thing is all those parties where food is served. I usually bring my own food (which of course leads to questions from those at the party who don't know me yet). Another alternative is to come after the meal, which is pretty OK. If someone like me to come to dinner, I usually bring something of my own with me, and that is often accepted. I believe that there are quite a few who think that I'm pretty strange and a little too extreme. I let people think just what they want to think. It doesn't hurt my feelings at all.