Passport to Magonia Facklitteratur

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Behandlar Abduktion och UFO i mytologisk jämförelse och UFO
Av Jacques Vallee
språk Engelska

Klassisk bok som utröner UFO-fenomenet i en mytologisk jämförelse.

Alias: passport to magonia


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First published two decades ago, Jacques Vallee´s stunning exploration of the evidence of extraterrestrial contact has become a classic in the field. An eminent scientist, mathematician, and thinker who has been consulted by NASA, Vallee synthesizes folklore, historical and modern day eyewitness records, and astronomical research to reveal a startling but undeniable pattern of facts - that throughout history and across widely diverse cultures, there is an absolutely consistent tradition of visitations from another world. What the world is called and how the encounters are interpreted have been influenced by the prevailing beliefs of each era and place. Yet, as Vallee masterfully demonstrates, beneath the superficial differences there is a fundamental similarity of experience that can only lead us to breathtaking conclusions.

Passport to Magonia also contains Jacques Vallee´s comprehensive catalog detailing the circumstances of nine hundred encounters spanning a period of one hundred years.