The Dream Bible Drömlexikon - Tolkar dina drömmar i detalj , Bok

the definitive guide to every dream under the moon

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är Drömlexikon och Bok
Behandlar Drömmar och Drömsymbolik
Publicerad år 2003
ISBN 1-84181-190-4
sidantal 399
Av Brenda Mallon
Publicerad av Godfields Press Ltd.

A guide to every dream symbol under the moon.

Alias: the dream bible


The Dream Bible is a comprehensive guide to the universal symbols that appear in our dreams. Beautifully illustrated throughout, the clear directory format allows readers to locate specific dream images quickly and easily, to discover their origins and meanings, and to recognize and understand the personal messages they carry. Information on the history and traditions of dream analysis and practical guidance on interpretation techniques are also included, wich enable us to connect to our inner wisdom and facilitate spirtual, emotional and intuitive growth.