Trancework Bok

An introduction to the practice of clinical hypnosis

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är Bok
Behandlar Hypnos
Publicerad år 1989
ISBN 0-87630-568-0
sidantal 446
Av Michael D. Yapko Ph.D.
Publicerad av Mazel Publishers och Brunner

An introduction to the practice of clinical hypnosis

Alias: trancework

Omfång7x25 cm



1. Perspectives
2. Broadening perspectives
3. The origins of myth
4. Responding to misconceptions
5. Conceptualizing hypnosis
6. Contexts of hypnosis
7. Human suggestibility
8. Mind matters
9. Suceptibility to hypnosis
10. The experience of trance
11. Conditions for trancework
12. Structuring suggestions
13. Patterns of hypnotic communication
14. Suggestibility tests
15. Inducing the formal trance state
16. Naturalistic trance inductions
17. Trance phenomena and their inductions
18. Therapeutic utilization of trance state
19. Hypnotic trance-scripts
20. The case of Vicke: Hypnosis for coping with terminal cancer
21. Resisting resistance
22. Hypnotic hazards and ethical guidelines
23. Going deeper into trance



The revised - and considerably enlarged - edition of this widely praised text introduces professionals to the nature of hypnosis and its use in therapy.

The reder will find in these pages not just an extraordinarily clear and clinically useful guide to hypnosis, but also illuminating insight into the tole of hypnotic patterns wherever influental communication occurs. The author describes practical methods for developing communication and relationship skills that will increase the effectiveness of every therapist's practice of psychotherapy.