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Alias: edain mccoys, e mccoy och mccoy, edain


Edain McCoy has practiced Witchcraft for more than twenty years and has studied many magical traditions, including Wiccan, Judaic, Celtic, Appalachian, and Curanderismo traditions. She is listed in the reference books Sho's Who in America and Contemporary Authors, When the economy began to slow in 2001, Edain made the difficult decision to leave her career as a stockbroker in order to write full rime. She is the author of nineteen Llewellyn books, including A Witch's Guide to Faery Folk, The Sabbats, Celtic Myth and Magick, The Witches' Coven, Making Magic, Celtic Women's Spirituality, Astral Projection for Beginners, Enchantments, Ostara, Spellworking for Covens, Advanced Witchcraft, and If You Want to Be a Witch.