Magical Ritual Methods Facklitteratur

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är Facklitteratur
Publicerad år 1969
ISBN 0-87728-498-9
sidantal 301
Av William G Gray
språk Engelska

Gray förklarar varför de olika delarna av ritualerna ser ut som de gör.

Alias: magical ritual methods


Throught the ages, the working of magical ritual have been shrouded in more secrecy than probably any other subject. The peculiar secrecy surrounding magical practices is not altogether intentional -- how can mere description of the purely physical aspects of ritualism possibly convey its deep significance? Knowing this consciously or instinctively, practitioners of magical rites have maintained silence or given such vague descriptions of their activities that little practical use can be made of them. Now there is a guidebook, intended for the Western student on the path of spiritual consciousness. William Gray pulls all the how's and why's of cermonial magic together in one volume and provides the student with practical means for its proper operation and study. People are drawn toward ritual practice because it fulfills a need on a deep spiritual level that nothing else will fill. Gray shows us how to arrange and direct our own studies, and gives us the basics to make magical ritual work for us, to extend our human consciousness toward Truth and Light.