Mentalplanet Plan

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Mentalplanet är i mångas syn detsamma som kausalplanet, planet med orsak-verkan-syfte.

Alias: mentala planet och mentalplanet


This is a spectacular dimension! Iridescent rivers of sound bounded by rainbow shores of pulsating light. Thoughts appear as kaleidoscopic patterns of light and sound. You walk across fields of ideas under a sparkling crystal sky of inspiration. If you enter this world don't try to rationalise or understand it, or you may go mad, for it is beyond human understanding. Just accept it all, go with the flow and enjoy it!

This dimension is what, I believe, the ancient Vikings called the famed Rainbow Bridge into Asgard. It truly looks and feels as if you are walking up a rainbow into some wonderful world where the Gods must surely dwell.

Exist here in wondrous amazement. Let loose the child within you to play in this fairy wonderland. Everything feels real and solid. Time is even further distorted here than in the Astral and reality is kaleidoscopic.