True Magick Bok

A Beginner's Guide

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är Bok
Publicerad år 1990
ISBN 0-87542-003-6
sidantal 252
Av Amber K
Publicerad av Llewellyn

En bok om magi för nybörjare.

Alias: true magick - a beginners guide


Bokens baksida

Amber K, an experienced practitioner of Magick, here presents a delightful how-to book on the subject. Her easy-going style makes it a plesure to read, yet she covers all the necessary aspects. She deals mainly with a Wiccan-type magick yet draws many parallels with other formas such as Amerindian-shamanism, Huna, Brujeria, and Qabalism. This is an exellent primer that I have no hesitation in recomending - Ray Bukland

Whether you are just starting your investigation of magic or have been on the path for many years True Magick is a valuable resource. Its pages are filled with information, advice and direction making magic an accessible tool for anyone seeking personal transformation. A wonderful blend of metaphysical and practical knowledge, this book can lead the true seeker to a better understanding of the art of magic -Jade