Divine Horsemen Facklitteratur

The living gods of Haiti

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Behandlar Voudoun
Av Maya Deren

Behandlar voudoun på Haiti. Betraktas fortfarande som en av de mest informativa böckerna om ämnet, trots att den skrevs på femtiotalet.

Alias: divine horsemen


Bokens baksida

Maya Deren's account of the Haitian deities, practitioners, and rituals of Voudoun has long been recognized as a classic of it's type - an anthropological investigation written with the special insight of personal encounter. Joseph Campbell, who contributed two forewords to this new edition, remarked that Divine Horsemen is still the best thing there is on Haitian possession. Ms Deren was guided in this work by Gregory Bateson, and undertook the writing of the book after journeying to Haiti to film ritual dances, unexpectedly becoming accepted as a member of a Haitian village.

Famous for her ground-breaking experimental films, Deren brought her entire aesthetic sensibility to force in this profound study of the total integrity of cultural form. The panoply of goddesses and gods emerges in an informed and eloquent evocation of the facts of the mind made manifest in a fiction of matter.