How Do Witches Fly Facklitteratur

A practical Approach to Nocturnal Flights

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är Facklitteratur
Behandlar Flygsalva och Häxa
Publicerad år 1999
ISBN 0-9664027-0-7
sidantal 113
Av Alexander Kuklin
Publicerad av AceN Press
språk Engelska

En bok som handlar om hur häxor flyger.

Alias: how do witches fly


Always wanted to know if witches really fly during the night? This book explains how the flights happen. Halloween is every night!

Dr. Kuklin shows that a magic ointment was the means of transportation to the Sabbat during the night and dissects its chemical composition.

What were the ingredients of the witches brew and unguent? What was the magic about them?

A biochemistry guide for Mediaeval rituals!

This book features the art of the New York artist Barbara Broughel.