Kabbalah Cards Kort

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Försteredaktör: Ande
är en sorts Kort
Publicerad år 2004
ISBN 3-03819-002-0
Publicerad av AGMüller

Alias: kabbalah cards och kabbalakort

Bild av Kabbalah Cards.

Kabbalah is the ancient Jewish mystical system which promises to reveal the nature and purpose of existence.

Kabbalah teacher and author PAUL ROLAND has created a unique set of Kabbalah Cards to introduce its principles - which form the foundation of teh western esoteric tradition - in a simplified and practical form. By using the cards in spreads similar to those in tarot readings you can discover the underlying themes of your life and the means by which you can overcome difficulties and make the most of your opportunities. The cards can also be used in meditation for a journey of self-exploration using the Kabbalistic Tree of Life as a symbolic map of the psyche.