Love Magic Facklitteratur

the way to love through rituals, spells and the magical life

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är Facklitteratur
Behandlar Besvärjelse, Kärlekar och Kärleksmagi
Publicerad år 1992
ISBN 0-285-63100-4
sidantal 268
Av Laurie Cabot och Tom Cowan
Publicerad av Dell publishing

Bok om vägen till kärlek genom användandet av ritualer, spells och magiskt leverne.

Alias: love magic


Have you ever wished you could cast a spell to make someone love you? Or wanted to bring a relationship to an end without hurting your partner? Have you ever thought that two of your friends were just right for each other, if only they themselves could see the truth?

With love magic you can use good, happy spells to make love blossom, thrive or fade away without pain. You cannot hurt anyone with love magic, and you don't have to be a witch to practise it.

This warm entertaining and enlightening book shows you how to find harmony with the earth and harness its natural forces to work your magic. A treasury of spells, rituals and meditation is provided, with explanations of their meaning and instructions on how to use them. The author, herself a practising witch, helps you gain insights into the nature of people around ypu, so that you will be able to choose the spells to suit them and bring them hapiness, You will draw on the forgotten wisdom of ancient peoples and look on the world with new eyes.

A compendium of natural magical ingreients tells youwhat potent elements are all around you, which you can blend and channel to work ypur magic, and you will unlock within yourself latent powers that you never knew you posessed. In following the rituals you will learn to use the book as a springboard for dictates of your heart and mind.

Love Magic is a book for novices and experienced workers in magic alike. It takes you on a voyage of self-discovery and makes you aware of the secret energies that lie at the heart of the earth.

With Love Magic you can learn how:

Take a moonbath to attract love

Bake a magic love cake for the lover of your dreams

Weave a love dance to heighten mutual love

Carve and burn human candles for the enhancement of love

Call up power animals to make someone call you

Transfer your anger against an estranged lover to a glass container

Prepare a cleansing love bath to wash away your sadness

and much, much more!