Natural Magic Facklitteratur

Potions and Powers from the Magical Garden

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är Facklitteratur
Behandlar Örtmagi, Trädmagi, Naturmagi och Stenmagi
Publicerad år 2000
ISBN 1-56718-295-x
sidantal 300
Av John Michael Greer
Publicerad av Llewellyn
språk Engelska

Innehåller bla växter, örter, djur, träd och deras magiska egenskaper samt hur man gör t.ex rökelser och oljor

Alias: natural magic


Bokens baksida

Step outside and look around. The whole world is full of magic if you know where to look. This book will open your eyes to the magical reality hiding in plain sight, in the forests and fields, and in the world´s hidden recesses.

Natural magic, the art of tapping the inner powers of plants, animals, and minerals, in an ancient source of power and spiritual connection to the living Earth. Once an integral part of our daily lives, its rich lore eventually became fragmented and distorted.

Now John Michael Greer has reunited the diverse elements of natural magic into a single, clear and comprehensive book. Written for the beginners as well as the experienced practitioner, it combines a complete encyclopedia of magical/material correspondences with step by step procedures and the underlying principles of natural magic.