A Wiccan Bible Facklitteratur

Exploring the mysteries of the Craft From Birth to Summerland

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är Facklitteratur
Behandlar Wicca och Ritualer
Publicerad år 2003
ISBN 1-56414-666-9
sidantal 430
Av A.J. Drew
Publicerad av New Page Books
Upphovsrätt A.J. Drew
språk Engelska

En bok om wicca.

Alias: a wiccan bible


A book or collection of writings constituting the sacred text of a religion.

For thousands of years, we have been told that God was a man. Then someone reminded us of when God was a woman. Now we have a reference for the sensible folk who have always felt that it takes two. If you have ever thought there was more to religion than ancient rituals performed for reasons unknown, thos book will help fill those many blanks that have been left by other books.

Drew makes no attempt to dictate religous dogma or routine. He is quick to point out that the title does not start with the word the. He illustrates the many issues a person's religion should adress and shows how he has been able to find answers to those issues through the practice of a modern religion that was based on some of the oldest principles of the ancient world.

A Wiccan Bible takes you through the journey of life in three stages:

Maiden and Master: Creation, Wiccaning, and Self-dedication.

Mother and Father: Initiation, Handfasting/Handparting, and the Wheel of the Year.

Crone and Sage: Community, the world, and death.

Mythology and science converge as the author details a life's journey into a religion with both old world ritual an new world science, fusing both into a creation myth which satisfies not only mind, butsoul as well. A Wiccan Bible not only shows a religious patch filled with joy, but one that offers the ability to accept and manage sorrow. It is filled with ritual and with the reasons why ritual is fullfilling, rewarding, and a necessary part of everyday life. As A.J. adresses each issue, he demonstrates how he found the solutions in Wicca and the many waysin which sience and magick have helped him to do so. A Wiccan Bible also contains select recipes that the athour has collected including mixtures fpr incense, oils and baths.