Herbal Remedies Facklitteratur

Dozens of safe, effective treatments to grow and make

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är Facklitteratur
Behandlar Medicinalväxter, Trädgårdsodling och Örtmediciner
Publicerad år 1999
ISBN 087596831-7
sidantal 156
Av Kathleen Fisher
Publicerad av Rodale Press Garden
språk Engelska

Bok om örter och örtmedicin.

Alias: herbal remedies och herbal remedies dozens of safe, effective treatments to grow and make

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Put Natur'es Secrets to Work for You.

Herbal Remedies is a compact treasure chest of herbal gems, not only describing each herb's internal and external uses, but also explaining how the herb fits into the garden.1¤. Duke, author of The Green Pharmacy and botanical consultant for Herbal Vineyard, Inc.

In Herbal Remedies, you'll find easy techniques and simple recipes to treat more than 40 common symptoms, from rashes and headaches to stress and depression. You'll even learn how to stock your own herbal medicine chest.

With Herbal Remedies you can recaoture the wisdom of generations - plus the latest discoveries of medicine - and learn to care for yourself and your family in harmony with nature.

Discover 32 Essential Healing Herbs.

You'll find detailed profiles of versatile herbs proven effective through hundreds of years of folk use as well as modern clinical research.

Grow a Landscape of Health-Giving Plants.

Design a healing garden with expert advice for starting from seed, transplanting, cultivating, harvesting, and preserving your herbs until the next growing season.

Plus: 5 great healing garden designs.