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Humanity's Team Grupp, Religion

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är Grupp och Religion

En medlemsbaserad organisation som försöker förändra världen till det bättre genom att sprida budskap från bokserien Samtal med Gud.

Alias: humanity's team

Detta är uppslagsordet för Humanity's Team. Paranormal.se representerar inte denna grupp / Grupp.


Humanity's Team Webbplats



Who we are

Humanity’sTeam is a member-based organization of worldwide proportion that is growing every day and gathering the strength and force that only large numbers and massive energy can produce. Its global activities are based on the messages in the Conversations with God series of books.

• It seeks to change the world by creating the space of possibility for a New Spirituality to emerge upon the earth.

• It proposes a spirituality that enlarges and enhances humanity’s current beliefs about God and about Life in a way that could change forever how we live with each other, bringing peace and harmony to our planet at last.

The idea behind this New Spirituality is to bring God back to life. Right now it feels as if God is far away from life, as if God has nothing to do with it.

Many people act as if God has nothing to do with national and international politics, nothing to do with global business and worldwide economics, nothing to do with education and ecology and science and technology.

There is a thought that God stands outside of life, watching it, offering us guidance and laying down the rules, but not being involved with us in life’s unfoldment. This conception holds that God is not in our boardrooms or our bedrooms, our war rooms or our back rooms. Yet that is where the action is. If God is not there, then where is God?

The New Spirituality says that God is not separate from anything—and neither are we. And so the New Spirituality brings God back to life, and Humanity’s Team will do so by placing spiritual activists on the ground around the globe, working in the political, economic, religious, educational and social arenas to produce here-and-now experiences and real-world outcomes that reflect its simple message: “There is another way.”

There is another way to do politics, another way to do economics, another way to do religion and education and social interactions of all kinds—a way that eliminates ruthless competition as a means of surviving, violence as a means of control, killing as a means of conflict resolution, and the empowerment of some through the disempowerment and oppression of others.

Life does not have to be this way. There is another way. Yet changing the way we experience ourselves and Life will take an enormous act of collective will.

It is the intention of Humanity’s Team to create that.