My theory

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The question is then how the reciever could make out just what the sender is looking at.

Alias: my theory


The sender is given the instructions to look at a picture and sending it to the reciever. What happnes is that light comming from a light source is reflecting of the image and hits the eyes of the sender. This acts as a stimuli of the retina, sending neural impulses to the back of the head. All of this is a tremendus complex process. Every brain is uniqu, shaped by DNA and every sensory input and many other things from the day of the fertilization and there on. There are similarities in the type of neurons in diffrent parts and what functions they are involved in. But I think that exactly which neurons that will be activated depending on the picture is highly individual.

The question is then how the reciever could make out just what the sender is looking at. Obviously he don't gets a lot of coordinates and action potentials of the senders neaurons, and from this data tries to get the picture.

In every psi event there must be some translation from or to the brain of the subject. One could wonder there this translation takes place.

The actual neurons don't go anythere. Any information from or to this neurons must be transmitted between the to points. (One old theory is ELF magnetic fields, but we don't know if this is so.)

The one thing we do have som understanding about is the working of neural networks. What is how we can make out what it is on the picture we are looking at. And this works booth ways. Patterns in the brain can generate precise muscular movements. We don't have to think about just what motoric nerves to activate to lift a pen.

The same type of translation must be made in all of the psi events. A part of this translation process could be taking place in the senders brain. Another part could be taking part in tre recievers brain. Each brain don't know excactly how the other brain is working. But each brain coul maby code and decode some sort of information that is common to both. The question is then how this common code is developed and maintained.

In the case of mPK, there is no human brain reciever that could interpretate the code. This suggests to me that there is something what functions like a neural network, but that is located outside the human brains.

Yes. This is just another way of proposing this allenvolving superhuman mind. But I think that the understunding of neural networks could help us understund just how this mind works. All that is needed is soem stabel energy patterns that would work as the neurons. This could develope over time to be quite intelligent. This pattern would be trained / establised then you move things around. Your thought coinside with your actions. That pattern could then be activated even if only a part of it is activated. The action will then cause the thougt and a thougt will cause an action.