The Astrology Bible Facklitteratur

The definitive guide the zodiac

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Behandlar Astrologi, Element, Stjärntecken, Planeter, Ascendent, Zodiaken, Astrologiska planet-aspekter och Hälsa
Publicerad år 2005
ISBN 1-84181-245-5
sidantal 400
Av Judy Hall
Publicerad av Godsfield Press
Upphovsrätt Judy Hall
språk Engelska

Utförlig bok om astrologi

Alias: the astrology bible

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This comprehensive guide to traditional and modern astrology is a treasure trove that brings together everything you need to know about the subject, including its meaning, correspondences and how
to practise it. If you are a beginner, this book will help you to use astrology to choose the right path in life, understand yourself
and others, find love or select a career. If you already have astrological skills, it will deepen and expand your knowledge
of zodiac lore.


6. Introduction
24. The zodiac
124. The elements
136. The qualities and polarities
148. The planets
228. The houses and angles
264. The aspects
288. Piecing it all together
298. The unfolding chart
316. Relationship astrology
368. Astrology and health
382. Eclipses
390. Glossary
394. Bibliography
395. Index
400. Acknowledgments