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The Movement for God Government on Earth Holistisk/andlig grupp

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är Holistisk/andlig grupp

A movement started by an international group of students of the I AM teachings. It is a move to stand up and declare our Rights to a world where we are governed by leaders who have realised their Oneness with God, their Higher Selves, and can therefore bring in the abundant life to all.

Alias: rörelse för gud regering och the movement for god government on earth

Detta är uppslagsordet för The Movement for God Government on Earth. Paranormal.se representerar inte denna grupp / Holistisk/andlig grupp.


A group that came together after being inspired by teachings released at a conference in Stockholm, October 2006: http://www.shangrala.org/A_ASCMASTTEACH/Conferences/SWEDEN06/AAswedenmain.html

From the homepage at http://www.godgovernment.org

Who are we?

We are a group of people from around the world who have had enough of seeing our countries being controlled by a small elite group of men and women with hidden agendas to maintain their power at all costs, even to the cost of lives and well being.
We wish to provide a platform for those who want to take a stand but do not feel capeable of doing so by themselves. Through support and sharing of ideas we hope to strengthen those who would normally be oppressed when they stand up to the strong egos of those leaders who clutch at their power, refusing to consider that they might be wrong. It is true that we of our own selves can do nothing, but the Father in us can work miracles!

This movement, should be in the flow of the River of Life, and able to transcend itself and move on when the time comes. The structure we give it today could change tomorrow when higher guidance is received.

What do we stand for?

We believe that Capitalism and Communism both deny the individual and spiritual reality.
Absolute power corrupts, therefore we believe that every government MUST recognize an authority higher than itself, that there is something beyond the material realm which has set certain absolute laws/principles which no authority on earth should nullify or explain away. The leaders should be enlightened and know the Laws and Will of God. There should not be emphasis on one religion but on the universal teachings of God's Law.

When a secular government starts making its own rules outside a spiritual framework, society will enter a downward spiral. A Government should consist of two branches: Spiritual (Alpha) and Secular (Omega). The secular branch which deals with the day to day issues should operate within the greater framework formed by the spiritual branch.

The government should not run every aspect of people's lives. People don't need to be given everything they need by the government and shouldn't be told how to run their lives. There should be no more replacing God with State! There should be a living Government in attunement with the living God's Will (and therefore able to transform and transcend) which can come up higher when cycles turn and let go of old ways of thinking.
God's Will is to create a society that is not static but always in the state of growth, developing thinking and transcending. This is the River of Life. The power elite maintain power by stopping growth. As it is now, people don't want to grow and take responsibility for their lives, so they work for a minimal wage and depend on the state. How can this change? Through education on all aspects of life, spiritual as well as secular.

Health care should not be a threat to the economic system. It should seek to maintain the spiritual quality of life, not just the mechanical quality of keeping the heart beating. There should be an emphasis on preventative health care and psychological support so dis-ease can be prevented before it manifests in the physical.

The Welfare state existing in many countries sets a limit to how far you can fall, yet the focus on maintaining the bottom line forces people into a lower state of existence. No-one uses their creativity to bring forth new ideas such as free energy. There is a misconception that the maximum one can obtain is a comfortable life, and that there is an upper limit to how far one can go. This is a power elite imposed agenda, to promote them and hold the people down. Clear the 'upper limit' block, and those countries could be transformed.

Our Mission Statement

In this the beginnings of our movement, our mission is to bring forth our ideas into the public awareness and show people that there is another option to the political systems that we have today. Many of our politicians are afraid to even bring God into the debate for fear of offending someone. But the public idea of God is based on religions that have distorted the reality of what God is, and our relationship with him.
We intend through the political arena to bring forth the teachings from the I AM movements on our own God-Reality, and thusly empower those who have been down-trodden for so long by the power elite. Once empowered, they will dare to take a stand and say to these forces, Enough is enough! I demand my God given Rights to be free of your lies and power struggles, and to a society that is in constant transcendence!
Ways to achieve this would include publishing education material such as pamphlets and documents that are freely distributable and printable (such as in the PDF format), and entering into public debates and arenas where politics is discussed. We could also take contact with the media to further publicize our ideas.
Further in the future we envision members of this movement forming political parties within their own countries (where it is possible to do so) so to give the voting public a chance to chose God Government over that which is otherwise offered.