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Emerald Rose Musikgrupp

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är Musikgrupp

Amerikanskt band som spelar Hednisk musik, gärna med komiska texter.

Alias: emeraldrose och emerald roses

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Emerald Rose - The Band

Från http://www.emeraldrose.com . Texten är publicerad med tillåtelse från Arthur Hinds.

Brian Sullivan, Arthur Hinds, Larry Morris and Clyde Gilbert formed Emerald Rose in late 1996. Sharing a common interest in ancient religions, musical styles, fantasy, and Celtic mythology, the four began to explore music as another creative outlet for their combined talents. After a few jam sessions around the campfire with friends and families, the band performed their first live professional gig on St. Patrick's Day, 1997. Inspired by the energy the four created together on stage and in the studio, Emerald Rose released their first self-titled CD in 1998. Since then, Emerald Rose have released three independently produced CDs: Bending Tradition (2000), Fire in the Head - Emerald Rose Live! (2002), and Celtic Crescent (2003).

Our first CD was produced in 1998 in two whirlwind studio weekends. This demo CD, Emerald Rose, was very well-received by a growing and supportive community. CD sales (plus some serious gigging at pubs, festivals and small venues) allowed us to fund our second CD Bending Tradition in 2000. This release proved to be a springboard to a much larger national and international following. We found that our synergy with a live audience was a big factor in our music, so we chose to produce our next CD Fire In The Head in 2002 as a collection of live recordings, including some of our more humorous compositions. In 2003, responding to requests for a more purely Celtic collection of songs, we released Celtic Crescent. Another CD, this time virtually all original songs, is in the works for early 2004.

Emerald Rose is many things, a blend of musical style that's evolving in ways even we can't always anticipate. From Celtic tradition, to modern ballad, to folk, pop, rock & roll and even zany chicken songs...who know's what's coming next? We all just hope it continues to be as entertaining to you as it is to us!

Brian (Logan) Sullivan - Vocals, lead acoustic/electric guitars, mandola

Logan began his musical career as a teen rocker in the small town of Paducah, Kentucky, covering classic rock bands and early New Wave styles. Looking for new horizons, he pulled up roots and went adventuring in Florida, studying drama and acting. Logan embarked upon a real career at New College in Sarasota, eventually earning a degree in archaeology and anthropology with extensive field work in Yucatan. Music continued to call, though, and his discovery of Scottish band Silly Wizard led him to the rich musical traditions of Irish and Scottish folk fusion. Sharing these songs around the campfire led to informal jam sessions and eventually resulted in the decision to start a new band with a Celtic theme. These diverse influences - from classic rock to Celtic folk - can be heard in the Emerald Rose sound, which often combines rock power chords and leads with Irish traditional dance tunes or Jacobite songs of rebellion.
Logan provides the overall musical and business direction to Emerald Rose in close collaboration with the rest of the ER team. He is also a professional in neuromuscular and myofascial therapy, and co-manages a wellness clinic and 60-acre retreat in North Georgia.

Larry Morris - Vocals, pennywhistle, uilleann pipes, percussion

A Georgia Tech graduate and software professional by training, Larry took up African and Latin drumming as a hobby in the '90s, followed shortly by the Irish whistle (pennywhistle). These interests, along with songwriting, came together around 1997 at the time of the band's formation. More recently, Larry has taken up the Irish bagpipes (uilleann pipes) to add another dimension to the band's sound.
Larry has also penned some of the more zany and offbeat songs of questionable traditional value that Emerald Rose brings out on occasion, including Vampire Girl from Orn and Chicken Raid of Cymru.

Arthur Hinds - Vocals, rhythm guitar, bodhran, percussion

Arthur has been writing songs since about age five with few interruptions. He became a guitarist/singer/songwriter in high school, graduating from North Atlanta's Center for the Performing Arts. He then embarked on a solo career both in Atlanta and in New York City, performing both original songs and covers of Jackson Browne, Jimmy Buffett and others. In the process he discovered more Celtic influences, starting with Jethro Tull and including the Battlefield Band, Steeleye Span, and the Tannahill Weavers. Eventually his major songwriting influence became Robin Williamson (of the Incredible String Band) and more mythical and spiritual influences came to the fore.
Today Arthur writes many of the band's favorite compositions with arrangement assistance with the other members. He also adds exciting percussive energy with the Irish frame drum called the bodhran (pronounced Baw-ron).

Clyde Gilbert - Vocals, electric bass, percussion

Clyde's diverse past includes service in the KISS army and devotion to other heavy metal bands, a liberal dose of reggae, and a continuing Gothic influence both in music and in real life. Unable to escape the persistent call of sad Scottish and Irish ballads, however, he has turned down the volume and speed knobs to become an essential part of Emerald Rose's sound, lending an understated bass foundation and enhancing songs with various percussion elements and vocals. Clyde's other pursuits include gem and jewelry crafting, anime, Sci-fi, mythology and mystical traditions. He is currently exploring linkages between ancient Celtic mythology and Japanese Shinto.