Sight unseen Facklitteratur

Science, UFO invisibility and transgenic beings

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är Facklitteratur
Behandlar ETI, ALF, Abduktioner och UFO
Publicerad år 2003
ISBN 0-7434-1219-2
sidantal 467
Av Carol Rainey och Budd Hopkins
Publicerad av Simon & Schuster
språk Engelska

Bok som binder samman nya vetenskapliga framsteg med fenomen som hänger samman med UFO, utomjordingar etc.

Alias: sight unseen

Sight unseen, bild
Bokens omslagsbild.

Featuring never-before-reported case investigations and first-person accounts, SIGHT UNSEEN probes a pattern of landmark abduction events which may point to an alien experiment already at work, including:

  • Two noncommissioned officers are abducted from a busy military airfield in broad daylight with no prior warning - leading to the theory that UFO have the ability to become invisible.
  • Elaborately staged abductions carried out by beings that appeared to be human - but who possessed extrasensory abilities and a stunted range of emotions.
  • A five-year-old girl who was taken to a nighttime playground - where she encountered twelve nearly identical, quasi-human children.

These startling revelations are accompanied by discussions of recent scientific advances that could make such phenomena possible, including stealth technology, cloning, and the science of transgenics that could allow the creation of an alien/human life hybrid. Combining compelling UFO research with bizarre, new scientific discoveries, the authors build a strong and disturbing case that these otherwordly events are frighteningly real.