Some Speculations on the Effect of Geomagnetism on the Pineal Gland

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Ur JSPR (Vol 59, sid 1-15)
Av Serena Roney-Dougal

Artikel som kopplar samman tallkottskörteln, psi, geomagnetism, jordstrålning och UFOn.

Alias: some speculations on the effect of geomagnetism on the pineal gland


Research over the past ten years into the pineal gland and its possible connection with a psi-conductive state of consciousness has recently become linked with research on the connection between the Earth's magnetic field and psi awareness. This connection is explored with particular reference to neurochemical research into the effect of the EMF on pineal gland activity. Basicly, the pineal gland makes the hormones melatonine and pinoline (6-MeOTHBC), which possibly promote a psi-conductive state of consciousness when working in cencert with methylated tryptamines. The pineal gland has enzymes that effect serotonin so as to produce a variety of possibly hallucinogenic tryptamines. The functioning of the pineal gland is affected by the EMF. Thus the production of melatonine, pinoline and other serotonin metabolites is affected by variations in the EMF, and this could well be related to variations in a psi-conductive state of consciousness, resulting in ostensible psychic occurences. The implications of this synthesis are far-reaching, and those concerning our understanding of dowsing and certain anomalous phenomena are mentioned.