Tarot as a Way of Life Facklitteratur

A Jungian Approach to the Tarot

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är Facklitteratur
Behandlar Carl Gustav Jung och Tarot
Publicerad år 1997
ISBN 0-87728-878-x
sidantal 271
Av Karen Hamaker-Zondag
Publicerad av Samuel Weiser
språk Engelska

This book shows you how to use the cards to guide your life.

Alias: tarot as a way of life


Are you interested in the tarot? Do you want more from it than just a reading for the moment? Karen Hamaker-Zondag gives you just that. You'll learn how to look at the symbolism that has been used for centuries, how the numbers work, and how the archetypes explained by C.G. Jung reveal themselves in the Major Arcana.

This book shows you how to use the cards to guide your life. You can do a life reading, or an annual reading. You can work with the symbols to solve a problem, or for long-range insights into where you are going with your life. Hamaker-Zondag includes working with dreams, vizualisation, the I Ching, color and number combinations, mythology, and all kinds of traditional symbolism to make it easy to understans the tarot! and when the tarot is easy to understand it's easy to use. This book is made fpr working with the Waite tarot deck (Originated by A.E. Waite, drawn by Pamela Coleman Smith, and originally published by Rider & Co.) It can also be used with the new Universal Waite Tarot deck published by U.S. Games.