"That must have been ESP!" Facklitteratur

an examination of psychic experiences

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är Facklitteratur
Behandlar Dop och ESP
Publicerad år 1990
ISBN 0-253-36264-4
sidantal 170
Av Leea Virtanen
Publicerad av Indiana University Press
språk Engelska

an examination of psychic experiences

Alias: "that must have been esp!" och that must have been esp!

Omfång16x25 cm
OriginaltitelTelepaattiset kokemukset
FörordLinda D?gh



1. The Basis of Simultaneous Experiences

  • The nature of paranormal phenomena
  • Memory and the account of an experience
  • The influence of attitudes
  • Are experiences forgotten if they don't come true?
  • Supernatural experiences
  • The material used in this study

2. States of Consciousness
3. The Types of Simultaneous Experience
4. The Subjects of Simultaneous Experiences
  • Death and suicide
  • Accidents and distress
  • Illness
  • Wartime experiences
  • Other subjects of experiences
  • Everyday telepathy

5. Percipients
  • Adults: Gender differences
  • Children's experiences
  • Collective experiences

6. Objects
  • Persons as objects of experiences
  • Events as objects of experiences

7. The Significance of the Experience
  • The clarity of the message
  • Awareness of the significance or meaning of an experience
  • Interpretations of experiences
  • Why do I have to see these things?

8. Experiences of the Future
  • The omen is fulfilled
  • Scraps of tomorrow
  • Avoiding danger