The Cosmic Doctrine Facklitteratur

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är Facklitteratur
Behandlar Esoterik
Publicerad år 1995
ISBN 1-899585-0-52
sidantal 206
Av Dion Fortune
Publicerad av SIL Trading Ltd

Alias: cosmic doctrine, the

Omfång14x22 cm



  • Introduction by Dion Fortune
  • Introduction II by one of the communicating entities
  • The evolution of the cosmos
    • The first manifestation
    • The first trinity
    • The building of the atom
    • The avolution of the atom
    • The genisis of a solar system
    • Cosmic influences on a solar system
  • The evolution of logos and his regents
    • The evolution of a great entity
    • The relation of a great entity to the cosmos
    • The projektion of the concept of the universe
    • The relation between the projected image and the logoidal consciousness
    • Auto-reactions and cosmic memory
    • The birth of consciousness in the universe
    • The beginnings of mind and group consciousness
    • The seed-atom building a seventh plane body
    • Evolution of the first planetary form
    • Evolution of the lords of flame, form and mind
    • The influence of the regents upon the globes
    • The goal of evolution of a life swarm
  • Influences under which the evolution of humanity is conducted
    • Tabulated summary of influences
    • Cosmic influences
    • The logoidal relation of the manifested universe
    • Teaching concerning other evolution's inhabiting a planet simultaneously
    • Influence which humanity experts upon itself
    • The law of action and reaction
    • The law of limitation
    • The law of seven deaths
    • The law of impactation, or the transmission of action from one planet to another
    • The law of the aspects of force, or polarity
    • The law of the attraction of outer space
    • The law of the attraction of the center
  • Index
  • Diagrams by C.T.L.



Seventy two years ago a remarkable event took place beginning at the vernal Equinox in Glastonbury. For very nearly a year Dion Fortune received communications from the Inner Planes concerning the Creation of the Universe, which later became a classic.

THE COSMIC DOCTRINE remained a closely guarded secret until 1949 when a closely edited version was privately printed since Dion Fortune's successor considered the original a most dangerous book.

It is now available for the first time in its entirety in the original text in this definitive adition.

This full text examines the no man's land where Science and Magic interact. The Cosmology of the Big Bang" and Chaos Theory running parallel to the evolutionary process. Each Human Spirit volunteering to learn the lessons and acquire the experience going hand in hand with the physical Universe.

But a cryptic warning accompanies the clearly outlined concepts; this book is designed to train the mind rather than inform it. In other words it is intended to induce a particular attitude both to the inner and outer world. Most must realise, words can hardly describe the immensity of the Cosmic creative process and the manifold complexity of our planetary and atomic systems under the jurisdiction of the Solar Logos.

THE COSMIC DOCTRINE further illustrates the true nature of Good and Evil which man generally views from his own highly subjective and very personal perspective. There are further insights into the interaction of positive and negative polarity within the universal scheme of things.

Besides the Creation of the Universe and evolution of Mankind the COSMIC DOCTRINE has much to teach about Natural Law, the evolution of Consciousness and the Nature of Mind.

Illustrated with diagrams by one of Dion Fortune's closest collaborators.