The Good People Bok

New Fairylore Essays

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Behandlar G
Publicerad år 1991
ISBN 0-8240-7100-X
sidantal 519
Av Peter Narvßez
Publicerad av Garland Publishing inc

New Fairylore Essays

Alias: the good people

Omfång15x23 cm



  • Regional Fairylore
    • The Lutin Tradition in French-Newfoundland Culture: Discourse and Belief (Gary R Butler)
    • Fairylore from the Midlands of Ireland (Patricia Lysaght)
    • Fairies and the Supernatural on Reachrai (Linda-May Ballard)
    • Balquhidder Revisited: Fairylore in the Scottish Highlands, 1690-1990 (Margaret Bennett)
    • Trolls, Hillfolk, Finns, and Picts: The identity of the Good Neighbors in Orkney and Shetland (Alan Bruford)
    • Ballads of Otherworld Beings (David Buchan)
    • Fairylore: Memorates and Legends from Welsh Oral Tradition (Robin Gwyndaf)
  • Fairy Belief and Religion
    • The Fairy Belief and Official Religion in Ireland (Diarmuid + Giollßin)
    • Rites of Passage as Meeting Place: Christianity and Fairylore in Connection with the Unclean Woman and the Unchristened Child (Ann Helene Bolstad Skjelbred)
  • Physical Disorders: Changelings and the Blast
    • Fairies and the Folklore of Disability: Changelings, Hybrids, and the Solitary Fairy (Susan Schoon Eberly)
    • The Invisible Made Visible: The Fairy Changelings as a Folk Articulation of Failure to Thrive in Infants and Children (Joyce Underwood Munro)
    • The Blast in Newfoundland Fairy Tradition (Barbara Rieti)
  • The Social Functions of Fairylore
    • Witches and Fairies: Supernatural Aggression and Deviance Among the Irish Peasantry (Richard P Jenkins)
    • Newfoundland Berry Pickers In the Fairies: Maintaining Spatial, Temporal, and Moral Boundaries Through Legendry (Peter Narvßez)
  • Fairylore and Popular Culture
    • The Cottingley Fairies: The End of a Legend (Paul Smith)
    • The Tooth Fairy: Perspectives on Money and Magic (Tad Tuleja)
    • The Making of an Icon: The Tooth Fairy in North American Folklore and Populare Culture (Rosmary Wells)
  • Semantics and Epistemology
    • The Semantics of the Word 'Fairy': Making Meaning Out of Thin Air (Noel Williams)
    • Between One Eye Blink and the Next: Fairies, UFOs, and Problems of Knowledge (Peter M Rojcewicz)