Histoire de la magie Facklitteratur

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är Facklitteratur
Behandlar Magi, Tarot, Tetragrammaton, Spekulationer kring varför tarotkortens uppkomst är kopplad till Kabbala och Shemhamforash
Publicerad år 1860
Av Zahed Eliphas Levi
språk Franska

Bok av Eliphas Lévi som tar upp sambandet mellan kabbala och Tarot.

Alias: histoire de la magie och history of magic


It has been said in the Doctrine of Transcendental Magic that the name Jehovah resolves into seventy-two explicatory names, called Shemhamphorash. The art of employing these seventy-two names and discovering therein the keys of universal science is the art which is called by kabbalists the Key of Solomon. As a fact, at the end of the collections of prayers and evocations which bear this title there are found usually seventy-two magical circles, making thirty-six talismans, or four times nine, being he absolute number multiplied by the tetrad. Each of these talismans bears two of the two-and-seventy names, the sign emblematical of their number and that of the four letters of Tetragrammaton to which they correspond. From this have originated the four emblematical tarot suits: the Wand, representing the Yod; the Cup, answering to the He; the Sword, referable to the Vau; and the Pentacle, in correspond with the final He. The complement of the denary has been added in the tarot, thus repeating synthetically the character of unity.