Earth Power Facklitteratur

Techniques of Natural Magic

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är Facklitteratur
Behandlar Naturmagi
Publicerad år 1983
ISBN 0-87542-121-0
sidantal 151
Av Scott Cunningham
språk Engelska

En bra guide till grunderna inom Naturmagi

Alias: earth power



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Touch nature, and discover her secrets.

Here is magic that anyone can work with surprising results. It is the magic of nature-positive magic for positive solutions. When we look to the Earth, we discover answers that have been there all along.

Within these pages you will find your own magician´s handbook. Your tools cost nothing and they are easy to obtain: the Eart, Fire, Water , Air...stones, trees, rain and fog. Some of the tools, like mirrors, ropes and candles, are linked with and tap into the powers of nature by their symbolism. Each spell and dination is outlined in detail.
When you practice any of the magic contained in this book, wheter drawing a heart in the sand, gazing into a mirror for a glimpse of the future, or tying a knot to help a troubled friend, keep in mind the higher aspects of your workings. You are improving the world and helping to heeal the ravages it has suffered. When we change ourselves, we change the world. It is this which makes the practitioner of natural magic truly divine.

Includes more than 100 spells, rituals and divinations.
Provides the principles for performing effective magic
Instills a sense of wonder concerning our planet and our lives
Promotes a natural, positive practice that anyone can successfully perform