A Guide to Life, Love & Inspiration

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Behandlar Element, Druidism, Magi och Ritualer
Publicerad år 200
sidantal 218
Av Emma Restall Orr
Publicerad av Thorsons
språk Engelska

Alias: ritual och ritual - a guide to life, love & inspiration

Bild av boken Ritual - a Guide to Life, Love & Inspiration.

Ritual is an art form. However we create a ritual - whether we make it delicat with fine detail, abstract or impressionistic, or as earthy as fingerpainting with mud - it always offers us the same opportunity: to pause amidst the chaotic stream of living to look around, to check where we are and where we are going, and to remember how beautiful our world can be. After performing a ritual we feel refuelled and balanced, able to return to life inspired and better able to move with the flows of change and growth.

Ritual: A Guide to Life, Love and Inspiration is based on the wisdom of the Druid tradition, yet it is relevant and accessible to anyone, regaardless of their spirituality. Druidry's spiritual philosophy is simply that the world is sacred, bibrant with spirit, with divine creative energy. It teaches us to honor the earth, our ancestors, and our individuality, and guides us towards inspiration, creativity, and the freedom to live life fully, richly, blessed with love.

Ritual: A Guide to Life, Love and Inspiration provides a clear understanding of the universal nature of ritual. Exploring ideas for the solar festivals of the year, for tites of passage, the tides of the moon, for healing, change and empowerment, the book offers the reader all they need to create their own effective, unique and inspired ritual practice.