Wicca Garden Facklitteratur

A Modern Witch's Book of Magickal and Enchanted Herbs and Plants

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är Facklitteratur
Behandlar Örtmagi, Magisk växt och Wicca
Publicerad år 1996
ISBN 0-8065-1777-8
sidantal 194
Av Gerina Dunwich
Publicerad av Kensington Publishing Corp.
språk Engelska

En bok som handlar om växters magiska egenskaper och även en guide för att odla egna magiska växter.

Alias: wicca garden


The Wicca Garden is a complete study of herbs and their Wiccan significance as well as a gardener's guide to growing magickal herbs. Chapters include Herbs of the Enchanted World; Heavenly Herbs (herbs and their astrological import); Sabbat Herbs; Mind-Altering Plants; The Magickal Mandrake; Green Healing; Dangerous Plants; and a guide to herb gardening. The Wicca Garden also includes a Wiccan Glossary of Herbalism Terms.

Witches were among the first to discover the healing power of many plants. The use of potions, poultices, and charm bags filled with the healing power of Wicca practitioners from time immemorial. Now modern Witches can grow their own fresh herbs and plan and cultivate their gardens in accordance with the Wiccan calendar and astrological charts.

Gerina Dunwich's book include The Wicca Spellbook, Wicca Craft, The Concise Lexicon of the Occult, and The Wicca Book of Days. She edits and publishes Golden Isis, a Wiccan literary journal of poetry and Pagan artwork. she lives in New York State.