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To understund this statement it is necessary that the relationship of the opposites, any opposites, be viewed as one which develops in at three-fold pattern. In the first stage the opposites exist in ignorance of or indifference to the existence of the other. Exampels of this type of antithetical relationship are such units as night & day, black & white, above & below, North & South. This first stage is one either of ignorance or innocence rather than of indifference. It is in such a state that we find the supreme biblical oposites, Adam & Eve, in the Garden of Eden. Both are defined as antithetical beings, but both ar ignorant of their differences until they eat of the Tree of Knowledge. It is at that time that they notice they are naked, at that time that they first preceive their differences, here expressed through the medium of sexuality.

The second stage in the development of the relationship of the opposites is expressed in terms of conflict, abhorrence or contradiction. Here the oposites are openly hostile towards one another.

Finally, the third & final stage in the relationship of the oposites is where they exist in a state of harmony, distinct frome one another but mutually co-operative, in love. This is the state in which we find the Sefiroth Hokhmah & Binah, the 'wisdom' & the 'intelligence' of God.