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Nesara är en lag som i hemlighet antogs av kongressen under Bill Clintons tid vid makten. Den innebär stora förändringar i USAs politiska och ekonomiska system och antas ge stora positiva efterverkningar över hela världen.

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written by Nancy Detweiler.

NESARA (National Economic Security & Rehabilitation ""[Reformation] Act)
Signed into LAW in October 2000, NESARA provides
the structure through which Americans and people throughout the world
can begin to live out the high ideals of which we are capable.


The NESARA LAW encompasses the vastness that is life on planet Earth. It is the culmination of years of consultation with experts throughout the world, extensive research and development of the means to correct the major problems on our planet, and the cooperative efforts of the preponderance of nations to create a means of living together within a just peace.

Corruption in governments and banking throughout the world will begin to dissipate because the international cooperation required by NESARA will eliminate many of the avenues presently permitting abuse. The announcement and implementation of the NESARA LAW will end the reign of terror. It will provide the means for overcoming much of the suffering taking place in America and throughout the world. How so?

1. NESARA is based on the principle of fairness to all persons. Prosperity for all is the ultimate goal. When all have enough to live comfortably, warring with each other is gradually eliminated. NESARA provides a foundation for building a life of prosperity through the following provisions for:

A. Zeroing out credit card balances, forgiveness of mortgages, and other bank debts-""[ i.e., car and educational loans] as a remedy for 70 years of bank and governmental fraud. The financial means to do so, with no negative repercussions for the banking system, are included in

the LAW.

B. Abolishing ""[the existing] income tax ""[and the IRS] and creating a national sales tax on new nonessential items-only to serve as revenue for a government in which financial waste is greatly reduced.

C. ""[Ending the Federal Reserve and] Restoring the US Treasury Bank System with new US Treasury currency backed by gold, silver, and platinum. The value of currency based on precious metals remains stable, thus no more inflation or deflation.

2. NESARA is based on the principle of justice for all persons. When people feel they are being treated justly, warring with each other gradually fades away

A. NESARA restores constitutional law. Most of us don't realize that we have lived under statutory and/or military law since Roosevelt removed us from constitutional law in 1933. The return to constitutional law will greatly improve the quality of our lives. Government invasion into our private lives will no longer be permitted.

B. Constitutional law is based on common law. Common law requires that each person assume responsibility for his/her own life. At present, we expect the government to pass laws that tell us what to do in almost every area of our lives. Common law means that we are much less encumbered by governmental regulations. However, the consequence

of additional freedom is that we must be more responsible and thoughtful of the unintended harm that may come to others by our actions.

C. Restoration of constitutional law allows for the introduction of many beneficial technologies, already in existence, that will greatly enhance our lives. Introduction of free energy devices will eliminate our huge fuel bills, granting each family additional prosperity. Technologies that will clean up our air, land, and water mean better

health for all persons and for our planet.

D. Introduction of more advanced and alternative medical/healing therapies will enhance the overall health of all persons. No longer will the elderly be forced to suffer ill health and to languish for years in nursing homes. Children will grow up healthy and remain so into an advanced age.

3. NESARA is based on the principle of world peace. When NESARA is announced, world peace will be declared and all aggressive American military actions will cease immediately. World peace is required in order for international banking reformation to take place.

A. World peace means vast sums of money can be reallocated into projects that improve conditions within America and throughout the world. Crumbling infrastructures can be rebuilt. Our educational system can flourish with up-to-date schools and well paid teachers who are granted the freedom to teach according to each child's needs and

abilities. Creativity in schools and entrepreneurships will thrive.

B. World peace provides an environment in which ""[all] children can grow up without fear. As ""[we each begin to] think in terms of peace, instead of war, we will develop an appreciation for the myriad cultures demonstrated on our planet ""[and will also begin] communing with each other and sharing our unique perspectives.

C. World peace transforms our individual outlooks on life. No longer will we allow those in positions of authority to dominate us by teaching discrimination and separatism. Viewing the world through the lens of peace transforms our worldview. Former enemies become friends. We awaken to the universal Truth that we are One Family, created by One

God. When one member of the Family suffers, we all suffer until that pain is alleviated. When one member of the Family rejoices, we all rejoice.

NESARA's announcement and implementation opens the door to a Golden Age on planet Earth. May we all put down our weapons of war, prejudice, separatism, and hate. May we, instead, pick up tools offered by NESARA to transform our world into one of love, peace, prosperity, and justice for all.

NESARA: A POSITIVE ALTERNATIVE TO OUR PRESENT CHAOS creates an America at peace with itself. NESARA brings Americans and the world together in peace, prosperity, and justice, with great hope for the future.

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