The Secret Life of Your Cells Bok

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är Bok
Behandlar Celler
Publicerad år 1989
ISBN 0-914918-96-6
sidantal 192
Av Robert B Stone
Publicerad av Whitford Press

The cells of your body, even removed and observed at a distance, know what you are thinking.

Alias: the secret life of your cells

Omfång16x24 cm



1. Foreword
2. The solid evidence that cells communicate at a distance

  • Discovering the secret life of plants
  • Plants can sense our creative or destructive thoughts
  • How a new direction in scientific research was triggered
  • Can brain cells communicate with blood cells?
  • The insecurity of individual scientists
  • One scientist with courage
  • Some questions raised by plant communication
  • Plants appear to know when you are play-acting
  • Even expectation and belief are communicated to cells and plants
  • Our thoughts are known
  • An inside look at the secret life of cells
  • The equipment that provides the inside look
  • The kind of cell perception currently measurable
  • The important cell messages that may soon be measured

3. Today plants know your thoughts... Tomorrow?
  • What makes Backster run?
  • His work with the CIA
  • Communication with plants existed before backster
  • Communication recorded between brine shrimp and plants
  • Plants appear to adapt to the fact of death
  • Plants differentiate between healthy and unhealthy life
  • Do plants have emotions?
  • Discoveries about the secret life of cells had to remain secret
  • The secret can now be divulged
  • The meaning to us all of intelligence in cells
  • The secret love life of cells
  • Enter: Primary intelligence

4. Scope of plant sensitivity
  • We get answers that fit the questions
  • Do plants have a high IQ?
  • Some astounding intelligence shown by plants
  • Humans wither under stress but grapes appear th thrive
  • Plants go into a dead faint
  • The source of primary perception in plants
  • Semantics in scientific statement
  • Science imprisoned by a material world
  • Some human-like attributes of plants
  • A discriminationg capability in plants
  • An attunement capability in plants
  • The meaning of a green thumb

5. Animal organisms caught in the act of communicating
  • From plant cells to your cells
  • Scientists find backster effect repugnant at plant and cellular levels
  • Early experiments discovering perception in animal organisms similar to plants
  • The switch from plants to animals
  • Difficulty in monitoring animal cells
  • Human cells reacting to war, rape and rage
  • Planning for human reactions
  • A scientific look at the procedure
  • Electrical and magnetic effects on living organisms
  • Adverse effect of electrical power lines
  • Congress expresses an intrest in backster's cellular communications
  • How fast does cellular communication travel?

6. Primary perception: human to human
  • Intelligence in cells noted decades ago
  • Primary perception: the human connection
  • To what does the human connection connect?
  • A possible relationship between the benefits of positive thinking and the backster effect
  • How human brain neurons can contact other human brain neurons miles away
  • Subjective communication - a universal AT&T
  • Some practical uses for your cells' secret ability to send and receive messages
  • Your cells have a consciousness of their own
  • Mind-speak - how to communicate subjectively with our own body cells
  • How to encourage your immune system to root out the invaders
  • Other ways to help your body by using your mind
  • Science is forced out of its accepted boundaries - by love

7. Backlash from the scientific community
  • The solution that was so diluted it appeared to dilute the truth
  • The impossible is now generating a change in mind
  • Opposition to the impossible backster effect
  • Voices that still cry out against change
  • Does a larger intelligence have a say in the matter?
  • Getting the impossible across intelligibly to the media
  • A case history of biased reporting
  • The professional ivory tower - a tower of babel?
  • Fear as a motivatior of conflict
  • The hope of the people: philosophers of science
  • A buil-in ultimate controversy success factor for the backsters of the world
  • Where your cells stand in the controversy

8. Holistic health implications
  • The search for the chain of command
  • Is this search really necessary?
  • The cost to us of this unnecessary search
  • Operation leap frog: we begin to use the brain/body connection
  • Talking the language of the mind
  • Visualization versus conceptualization
  • Growing popularity of visualization
  • Psychoneuroimmunology: brain/body breakthrough
  • Perhaps the real breakthrough is still to come
  • Space: nothingness or intelligence
  • Is the stuff of the backster effect consciousness?
  • The real breakthrough: psychotronics
  • Are soviet scientists ahead of the US?
  • If we knew how to control the backster effct...
  • The role of the brain's right hemisphere
  • The backster effect as a window into...

9. Supportive theories from Jung to Sheldrake
  • It did not work for me, so it does not exist
  • Cosciousness begins to make its mark
  • Consiousness increases in our understanding of universe
  • Is there a unity behind all life?
  • The scientific concept of a larger intelligence
  • Counsiousness with a small c; consciousness with a large C
  • The function of the right brain in connecting the individual person to the whole
  • The two hemispheres of the brain and their separate responsabilities
  • You are a bridge between two realms
  • Enter the Silva Method - a way to cross the bridge
  • You can talk to your body's cells and they get the message

10. Needed: a new scientific method
  • The only constant is change
  • Personal experience: true or false?
  • Action at a distance challenges intelligibility
  • The secret of your cells bared
  • How science must prepare to handle the unbelievable
  • Wonder must come before discovery
  • Science has keepers of the faith
  • No room for negotiations where truth is the impasse
  • New rules for a new science
  • A new scientific method for consciousness research work will help progress
  • A computer analogy
  • A new consciousness is emerging

11. How to affect the life of your cells for personal benefits
  • Understanding energetic causes behind material effects
  • How to set the stage for mind body communication
  • How to change the polarity of your thinking from life sapping to life giving
  • How to program your mental computer
  • Programming for a change in a specific thinking habit
  • How to talk to your cells
  • The simonton method for girding the immune system to greater effectiveness
  • How to be in two places at the same time
  • How to use the Silva Method to help yourself and others to better health
  • Backster's goal for the future
  • Logistics for a space experiment
  • Insights can be had into evolution
  • A conversation with Cleve Backster
  • What the future might hold for mind-body cell communication



The world may never be the same

Your plants know what you are thinking! That was the earthshaking discovery of Cleve Backster nearly twenty years ago as documented in THE SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS.

Today an even greater discovery bring us to the brink of unlimited possibilities. The cells of your body, even removed and observed at a distance, know what you are thinking... the world may never be the same.

In THE SECRET LIFE OF YOUR CELLS, Robert B Stone, Ph D, explores the latest research of Cleve Backster, who by attaching a lie-detector to the leaf of a plant discovered that it had feelings and the ability to read our thoughts.

Now this ability - primary perception - has been traced even to disconnected single cells of our own bodies. What millions of Americans saw reported on TV's INCREDIBLE SUNDAY, Dr Stone now shares in depth in THE SECRET LIFE OF YOUR CELLS.

The implications and possibilities of that discovery, and the difficult struggle it has had in finding acceptance in the tradition-bound scientific community makes exciting, challenging, mind-expending reading.