Secret life Dokumentärbok, Facklitteratur

Firsthand documented accounts of ufo abductions

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är Dokumentärbok och Facklitteratur
Behandlar Abduktanter, Abduktioner, Teorin om SF-genrens påverkan på abduktionsupplevelsen, Teorin om att abduktionsupplevelsen beror på en psykos, Teorin att abduktanter har en dissociativ personlighetsstörning, Hybrider, Teorin om att fysiska märken på kroppen skulle bero på samma process som ligger bakom stigmata, Implantat, Sömnparalys och hallucinationer som förklaring till abduktionsupplevelsen och Alternativ förklaring till abduktionsupplevelsen
Publicerad år 1993
ISBN 0-671-79720-4
sidantal 330
Av David M. Jacobs
Publicerad av Simon & Schuster
språk Engelska

Hypnossessioner med abduktanter, alternativa förklaringar och allmänna tankegångar kring abduktionsfenomenet. På engelska.

Alias: secret life


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In Secret Life, Professor David M. Jacobs of Temple University takes us into the private world of those abducted by aliens, letting them describe in their own words what it is like to be abducted. Based on interviews with sixty individuals and more than 300 independently corroborated accounts, Secret Life presents the most complete and accurate picture of alien abductions ever compiled.

Dr. Jacobs takes the reader on a minute-by-minute journey through a typical abduction experience and describes in detail the bizarre physikal, mental and reproductive procedures that abductees claim have been administrated by small alien beings. Jacobs draws from these interviews a profoundly unsettling reason behind the abductions: aliens are conducting a complex reproductive experiment involving the conception, gestation, or incubation of human and alien beings.

Secret Life is a startling challenge to our notions of reality and truth - a scientific, soundly researched exploration of hundreds of encounters with aliens.