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Near-Death Experiences, UFO Encounters, and Mind at Large

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Behandlar Dop, Näradöden-upplevelse, TST, Det kollektiva medvetandet och samhällsutvecklingen som förklaring till abduktionsupplevelsen och Teorin att abduktanter är fantasibenägna människor
Publicerad år 1992
ISBN 0-688-12846-7
sidantal 320
Av Kenneth Ring
Publicerad av William Morrow och Quill

It is a compelling work of cutting-edge psychology that takes us closer to the frontiers of higher consciousness and human potential.

Alias: sidan 52-53 och the omega project

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When Dr Kenneth Ring's Life at Death first appeard in 1980, it was hailed as a landmark book in the field of near-death experiences:

With the publication of Life at Death, there can be no question that a common set of near-death phenomena exist

(New York Newsday). With the publication of his follow-up book, Heading Toward Omega, Richard Bach said,

My copy of Heading Toward Omega is a mass of underlines and exclamation points. Here's modern science at its most exciting.

With the publication of The Omega Project, Dr Kenneth Ring firmly establishes himself as one of the world's chief authorities on higher states of consciousness.

The first researcher to offer scientific validation of near-death episodes documented by Dr Elisabeth Knbler-Ross, Dr Ring, in this remarkable book, also examines the phenomenon of human encounters with UFOs. Leaving his scientific analysis with fascinating case histories, he reveals that UFO abductees share striking similarities with and - more astonishing - bear strong psychological resemblances to near-death survivors. Based on these findings. Ring posits the existence of an encounter-prone personality - a special spiritual, visionary psyche that may represent a new stage in the evolution of the human mind.

The Omega Project is a compelling work of cutting-edge psychology that takes us closer to the frontiers of higher consciousness and human potential. Dr Kenneth Ring is professor of psychology at the University of Connecticut at Storrs and the author of two seminal works on near-death experiences, Life at Death and Heading Toward Omega (both also available from Quill/William Morrow).

Dr Ring's new book is an outstanding contribution to scientific literature. It is written with his usual wit and easy-to-read style, yet tackles some of the most difficult issues of consciousness research. This book is essential information for anyone intrested in near-death experiences and UFOs.
- Melvine Morse, MD, author of Closer to the Light

The Omega Project may turn out to be one of the most important books of the decade... Fascinating and immensely exciting, it is a book that, if paid attention to enough, could change the course of human fought.
- Michael Talbot, author of The Holographic Universe



  • Preface

Foreword by Whitley Strieber

1. Another Road to Omega
2. Varieties of UFO Encounters
3. Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind
4. Near-Death Experiences
5. The Omega Project
6. Childhood Antecedents of Extraordinary Encounters
7. Psychophysical Changes Following Extraordinary Encounters
8. Beliefs and Value Shifts Following Extraordinary Encounters
9. Heading Toward Oz: Demystifying Extraordinary Encounters
10. Omega Revelation: Ecological and Evolutionary Implications of Extraordinary Encounters
  • Appendices

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