The Threat Facklitteratur

Revealing the secret alien agenda

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är Facklitteratur
Behandlar Hybrider, Abduktanter, Implantat, Abduktioner, ET-teori om att abduktionerna bara är ett steg av flera i utomjordingarnas program och De små grå
Publicerad år 1998
ISBN 0-686-84813-9
sidantal 260
Av David M. Jacobs
Publicerad av Simon & Schuster
språk Engelska

Teori om syftet med abduktionerna.

Alias: the threat


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The world´s foremost academic expert on UFOs and alien abductions provides the first evidence-based explanation of a mystery thas has perplexed scientists for decades.

Based on more than 700 hypnotic-regression interviews with alien abductees and a Roper survey of 6000 adults, The Threat reveals why the aliens are here and what they want, explains why their agenda has been kept secret, and exposes their frightening plans for earth and its inhabitants. In a direct, authoritative challenge to researchers who believe the abduction phenomenon is essentially benevolent and spiritually uplifting, Professor David M. Jacobs proves that there is a far more disturbing and potentially dangerous plan underway, with possible alien domination at its core.

In this remarkably well-researched and well-written book, Professor Jacobs has added a new complexity and depth to our knowledge of the UFO and abduction phenomena. The secret alien agenda revealed here is ominous, but it must be confronted before it is too late.