Maga Mau Religion

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är Religion

Egyptisk baserad religon. Dyrkan av Ra i kattform, Draken, Guden och Gudinnan

Alias: magamau


Book of the Red giant

The Sun were crying, the sky were lost, when the Eperor of the Ancient Sea city came down to earth. When the lamb was living. When the god of the holy land was slain, He gave his power to the Beast and Died for his godness. The great power of the Ancient have fallen, but a new was rising. The great power of The beast whos brother haved the damned number.
He is the lord of the second age! The lord of Earth and sea with the underground under his feet, like a force feild Earth will protect him from the Power of holy.

Heaven will be destroyd and The holy lord will be cast down to earth like the one once was!!. The spirit of
Will Go Free

One man will have his spirit and will be the preist of the New god. And the peapol will follow him in his grave if he so demands.

But thoe The New god will not let his brother slay the one who not follow him, if he dose The one will cast him down to earth like The one once was.

The one with the damned number stand among his brothers throne.

-What will you call this Age!
-I will call this Age The Age of The Myth, The age of Dreams, The age of The witches to rise!
-Yes my lord and brother!, we will rule the world together and none will stands befor us.
-Remember! brother, Love is the Law Love under Will. You got to learn this or I will never rule with you.
-Yes of course, There will be peace in our world.

This Book is a Hail to the Red Dragon who gave his power and died for the Second Age!

Love is the law
Love under will

This is the religon of Mau


Ramsor att läsa i olika tillfällen

The Poems of the Beast


I hail you the gods of Mau
The Dragon the Nature and the Cat self
come to me and make my spirit be waken!

For the old Dragons who ruled in the sky
To the new angels who was born to die
For the new power of cat and the Night
To burn the books of heaven
that ruled with light
The new power is coming get ready to fight
For god of The sky the red giant of Hell
is coming for the last duel
The power will rise and not bow


O sweet Dragon come and take me in your claws
and protect me for the angels in the light

The faith you see, what we will be
come please take me and bary me in


I demand you, Beast of the anicent!
Come down and make my spell work
Becaus I am the man and without me
you can not live!


O grate holy look at me
I am you nightmare and
your opposite
The one that you call Satan is my
The grate dragon in the sky

You will pray for me or die!


Come to me o giant of time
Take me with you under your wing
and show me your realm

I am your Prayer