Universe, Earth and Man Bok

In their relationship to Egyptian myths and modern civilisation

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är Bok
Publicerad år 1931
sidantal 307
Av Rudolf Steiner

Alias: universe, earth and man


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1. The Egyptian period, and the present time.
2. Ancient Wisdom and the new Apocalyptic Wisdom. Temple sleep. Isis and the Madonna. Past stages of Evolution. The bestowing of the Ego. Future Powers.
3. The Kingdoms of Nature. Group-Egos. The Centre of Man. The Kingdoms of Higher Spiritual Beings.
4. The Outer Manifestation of Spiritual Baings in the Elements. Their connection with Man. Cosmic partitions. The Myth of Osiris.
5. The sacrifice of the substance by the Thrones, Kyriotetes, Dynamis, and Exusiai. Jehova and the Elohim, and their co-operative activity in the stages of Human Development.
6. The Spirits of Form as regents of earthly existence. Participation of the Luciferic beings. The formation of race.
7. Animal forms - the physiognomical expression of human passions. The religion of Egypt - a remembrance of Lemurian times. Fish and serpent symbols. The remembrance of Atlantis in Europe. The Light of Christ.
8. Man's connection with the various planetary bodies. The earth's mission.
9. The prograss of man. His conquest of the physical plane in the post-Atlantean civilisations. The beginning and upbuilding of the I am. The chosen people.
10. The reflection in the fourth epoch of man's experience with the ancient Gods and their way of the Cross. The Christ-Mystery.
11. The reversing of Egyptian remembrance into material forms by way of Arabism. The harmonising of Egyptian remembrance. The Christian impulse of power in Rosicrucianism.



Boken är en översättning från tysk stenografering av en föreläsningsserie på elva föreläsningar, hållna fjärde till elfte augusti 1908. Den beskriver ingående en världsbild med många nivåer, hierarkier, plan och andliga varelser. Historien är beskriven på ett sätt som kräver antingen stor öppenhet eller en världsbild som redan är långt ifrån dagens naturvetenskap. På förstasidan står med liten text:

Printed for the Members of the School of Spiritual Science, Class I. ¶ No person is qualified to form a judgment in the contents of this work, who has not acquired - through the School itself or in an equivalent manner recognised by the School - the requisite preliminary knowledge. Othe opinions will be disregarded; the authors decline to take them as a basis for discussion