K-17 Myt

Ändra sidan Visa ditt intresse Ämne 564306, v2 - Status: normal.
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Den modernaste av vampyrmyterna är denna s.k. vampyrviruset k-17.

Alias: k-17 och vampyrvirus


The going theory is vampires are just suffers of a disease not unlike AIDS. I can find the site and copy the information for you here if you'd like... But that is under scientific investigaton. Or if you'd like to look it up the disease is labeled K-17. Although information is hard to come by, because what information has leaked out has been mostly smuggled out of labratories and such.

Vampirism as an infectious virus. I should warn you that more than half of this information was not obtained entirely legally. If you want to show it to other people, well and good, but there may be comebacks in the long-term (more probably legal than physical - some of this is `privileged'corporate information). I'll leave that to be your own decision.

Some people believe that the virus is currently being researched by commercial labs, going under the romantic name of RV K-17.

K-17 shares a number of traits with HIV. Both are retroviruses and both are extremely vulnerable to changes in blood pH and environment. HIV incubates in the host for an exceptionally long time, a necessity since it will eventually kill the host and the vectors are not common enough to ensure its spread in a shorter time. K-17 operates in a different manner. Almost as soon as infection occurs K-17 spreads throughout the host body, having an immediate effect. Various parts of the body are attacked and between 20 and 30 per cent of the virus DNA is transcribed into the host's cells. About 90% of this transcription codes for intron structures, the rest being spread out evenly along the helix. The symptoms of K-17 infection are not always the same. If a host is not compatible (there is speculation that most Asian and Afro-Caribbean peoples are not susceptible - see below) then the virus will either survive in the bloodstream in diminished numbers (while still being contagious) or disappear completely,attacked by the body's immune system. In compatible hosts the spread of the disease is more uniform. Within the first four days of infection the virus will breed and spread within the host, leaving RNA-based infectious viruses in almost every bodily fluid.. The individual effects are most easily dealt with by category:

The Body: K-17 exhibits traits unlike any other known virus once established. The most dramatic effect is on the immune system. The virus causes increased activity from white cells, increasing their `kill' sensitivity. This causes some parts of the hosts own body to suffer temporary attack. During this period the host will suffer vomiting and, occasionally, violent fits. At this point K-17 mutates to form a second, benign, virus. Cells in the bone marrow are attacked and are caused to inject a virus composed of a complete copy of the host's DNA inside a modified K-17 protein shell. It is this action which finally silences the host's immune system attack on the virus since K-17 type protein shells are now identified as belonging to the host.This second virus is extremely infectious, but with a slight difference. The changes in the K-17 protein shell make it impossible for this virus to survive outside of the host body, so it cannot be passed to another organism. It is also not always fatal to infected cells. Normal viral function occurs (virus attacks host
cell. Virus penetrates host cell and injects its own DNA inside the cell wall. Protein substitution forces the host cell to burst, spraying out multiple copies of the original virus), but the protein substitution does not take place. Thus the host cells are re-infected with their own DNA. About one infection in three hundred
results in the manufacture of new viral cells, keeping a roughly constant level of infection in the bloodstream. This process results in the host's DNA being set in stone at the point of infection. Ageing has been linked to errors in DNA transcription when new cells are created. In a host infected with K-17 these errors will be `repaired' by the benign virus.

It seems likely that any longevity effects stem from this process. Negative effects from the restructuring of the immune system include the occasional misidentification of the host's own cells. This is most likely to occur when skin cells contain melanin from exposure to ultra-violet light (this may be an explanation to the viruses noncontagion to Afro-Caribbean races. A non-selective strain would kill
an Afro-Caribbean host, along with itself, in a couple of days. This would allow a strain which would only use Afro- Caribbean people as carriers to evolve as the more successful organism). The slight modification of cell chemistry is enough for the newly paranoid immune system to kill them. Sufficient exposure to sunlight would
cause destruction of the host's skin by their own immune system. The skin would die and slough off, resulting in massive blood loss, blood poisoning by non-sterile contact and, rapidly, death.

The Brain: This is where some of the most dramatic changes take place. The introduction of K-17 DNA in to the host makeup produces a number of effects. Blood flow to various areas of the brain is increased and neurotransmitter production is stimulated.The areas most affected are the Amyglada and the Visual Cortex (the areas
around the brain stem and outer-back of the brain). Acetocoline production is stimulated and a localised attack on brain-cell proteins on the cortex is stimulated.The Amyglada is the most primitive part of the brain, linked mainly with the powerful fight-or-flight reflex. The host will suffer increased aggression and
reactions, particularly to physically threatening situations. Arousal, either combative or sexual, will have a greater effect. It can also cause personality changes and mood swings since overriding the more powerful instincts become harder.The changes to the Visual Cortex cause vision to become more acute. Processing of images proceeds faster. Night vision is enhanced within certain parameters. The eyes themselves undergo no change, but a large part of human low
light sight deficiency is due to the time it takes the brain to process darkened images (this has been exploited to produce 3D effects on TV with only the use of glasses with one darkened lens. As long as the camera moves in the right direction processing of the image from the shaded eye takes a fraction longer and the forebrain it presented with two images out of step with one another - the
objects seen from two different viewpoints, hence 3D). The information collected by the eyes is unchanged, but it is processed better. The attack on cells on the cortex causes the formation of an engram on the upper cortex stretching across both sides of the brain. This attack is a side-effect of the modifications to the host's immune systems. The result is a paraphilic attraction to blood (the instance of paraphilia has been linked to changes in the brain. Well documented cases include a man who became aroused by paper-clips while suffering from a brain tumour. Removal of the
tumour ended this.). This attraction is entirely sexual and is not linked to any physical craving in the host, though the anaemia caused by immune system restructuring has led to misunderstandings. The formation of this engram may also cause other paraphilia which have been linked to brain structure dysfunction (Necrophilia has been suggested as a common side-effect due to the Vampire/Graveyard
legends - there is no evidence for this. What is more likely is that formation of the engram could cause any number of minor or major paraphilic attractions and fetishes, depending on its severity).

Looser Rumours: Some people believe that the virus also stimulates the Pineal gland as well as producers of other neurotransmitters. They have suggested that this could lead to increased psychic abilities. I, personally, discount this. I have seen no suggestion in anything I have read or stolen that K-17 affects the Pineal gland. Besides, the connection between the Pineal gland and psychic ability is an assumed one carried over from the eighteenth century when it was found to be in a position similar to that of the supposed `third eye'.

It has been suggested that K-17 stimulates the Adrenal gland, giving increased strength. Again, there is no evidence for this. If the Adrenal was constantly stimulated the host would be constantly edgy and hyper. Stimulation of the adrenal glad takes place more readily in hosts due tothe stimulation of the Amyglada, but nothing even begins to back up a case for constant stimulation, even assuming the
human body could stand the punishment. I have heard that the military are researching K-17. Personally, I doubt this.

Other: RV K-17 was first isolated in South Africa by the University of Cape Town in 1962, found by accident in a medical study into viral gastroenteritis. The large scale testing revealed a small number of black subjects infected with a benign virus which had not been seen before. Since all of the subjects came from the slum townships it was written off as a degenerative hantavirus spread by rodents. Research did not continue. It was named virus K-17 and forgotten about. By sometime around 1985 K-17 was being researched by the Glaxo Wellcome corporation (to name but one). Now known as RV K-17 research had begun when the records from the 1962
gastroenteritis studies were reviewed, revealing the existence of an apparently benign contagious virus. It was hoped that research into the function of benign retroviruses could give some clue pointing towards a cure for AIDS. By 1988 most information regarding K-17 was removed from the public domain. The University of Cape Town no longer makes the results of the 1962 study available, citing it as
out of date information and directing the inquirer to the later studies done in the US. Current official status of RV K-17 is still that it is a mildly contagious benign strain of degenerate hantavirus, originating in South Africa.
V-5: The Vampire Virus

The main reason real vampirism is not more widely believed is the
failure of the general public to understand exactly what the virus
which produces the condition actually is, or how it functions. Most
people do not understand, or believe, that human DNA can be altered
in such a way as to produce such a being.

Actually, many things can alter a person's normal DNA. Drugs such as
LSD and Thalidomide cause DNA changes and many viri can change the
DNA in a single gene. A combination of these altered genes can
change the over all DNA of a living human.

The term vampire as used on this site as a medical term, must be
separated from the vampire myths. A Viral Vampire is an infected
human. Though the DNA in the host human has been greatly altered,
the organism remains human in the medical sense as the number of
chromosomes has not been changed.

All humans, in fact the entire human race, has the same number of
chromosomes. The number of chromosomes is what makes them human
(except for those born with Down's Syndrome. These people have an
extra chromosome and are, of course, human).

Technically the vampire is still a human, but for sake of discussion
we think of viral vampires as non-human or as the next step up in
human evolution. This is difficult to believe because many of the
attributes of a vampire are, well, considered to be better and more
developed than humans'. The strength, speed, enhanced mental and/or
psychic abilities, the ability to digest human and other blood more
efficiently are but a few of the differences. The reason this
happens is the basic human DNA is altered by the virus. The virus,
we call it V5 is NOT the same virus as HIV5. To simplify, it is
transmitted through a simple infection.

This infection is gained either through birth or infection from one
who has the virus and passes it on. The child inherits the
infection, passed on from the mother or father. The parent may have
picked up the virus from some other member of their family such as a
cousin, aunt, brother, etc., and thus the infection is passed on to
the new born child. Rarely are both parents infected, i.e., vampires
themselves. More often, they are carriers of the virus, in a
similar manner to the way a red haired child is born to a family
who, for several generation, have been all blond. The passing of the
virus to the child from the parent produces an Inheritor Vampire
child. The V5 is passed on to the newborn much the same way the AIDS
virus is passed from mother to child. In such a child, the virus
remains dormant until the catalyst of the onset of puberty. The
release of hormones is believed to activate the virus system.

The effects of the V5 virus then takes a number of years as the
child develops to be completely effective, i.e., active in the
system from its previously dormant state in the child's body. As in
any infection, the child's immune system tries to fight off the
infection, and in many cases, if not most, it succeeds. It is also
believed that the blood chemical make up of the individual is also
responsible in determining if the child will be fully affected by
the virus and thus DNA altered. Not all infected people develop the
vampire virus, V5, and thus not everyone born with it becomes a

That is why we are not hip deep in real Inheritor vampires. The only
other way to become a vampire is to be given the infection by
someone already infected. This would make the person, the subject, a
Classical. As with Inheritors, it takes Classicals quite a long time
to develop the full blown virus once infected due to the same
reasons; blood chemistry make up and the immune system. Also, not
all Classicals develop the virus.

There is also a theory that a person has to be genetically
predisposed to V5.

V5 is actually closely related to many other viri such as the
common flu virus and the AIDS virus. V5 is not the AIDS virus but
works in much the same way as to infecting the host. Another reason
the reality and cause of vampirism in today's modern world is not
more widely believed is because not many members of the public or
medical establishment know of the existence of V5.

Why don't they know of it? Because, like Ebola and other new
illnesses such as the Flesh Eating Bacteria, which actually have not
been named so far, as we do not know what they are as of this date.
V5 has only been known for a relatively short time, many years to be
sure, but in regard to other illnesses, a short time.

It has been many, many years now that several doctors in several
parts of the USA and Europe have known about and been studying the
V5 and its victims. The studies have been accomplished by long
range, personal, one to one research with these infected people.

Why so secretive? The same reason as with any other discovery. Once
released, the doctors and researchers will gain money, fame and
reputation. Not to mention grants, and the licensing of new drugs,
etc. For the past few years, ImortalN and I have been telling people
of the existence of the virus and explaining the what and why of
this illness. We have compared it to other historical illnesses
believed to be the cause of vampires in the past.

A few years ago, it was discovered that V5 is related to the AIDS
virus. We began telling people then of an impending break through in
a vaccine for AIDS. A vaccine for AIDS, discovered from the link to
the vampire virus. During the month of June 1998, both NBC and ABC
first gave the announcement of a new AIDS vaccine. Just prior to
that was released the news announcing a gene, newly discovered, that
lengthened the life of a fruit fly by twice its normal life span.
OK, laugh. It does sound funny, but it is most important. That gene,
in an insect, was gained from gene mapping, isolating, and gene
construction, and the same is possible and already being done with

The V5 is accessed because of a special and rare gene some people
have and which can be passed on through or by infection into a host.
Next there will be further announcements of the life extension
program already in effect for humans. Soon to follow, other
announcements about gene splicing, genetic engineering and gene
manipulation which had already been performed on lesser animals.

The DNA of a jellyfish was given to a developing mouse embryo. The
result? The unification of 2 non-related creatures which resulted in
a litter of healthy mice which actually glowed in the dark the way a
jellyfish glows in the darkness of the depths of the sea. This
segment of research was shown on nation television on the science
program Nova several times during the years of 1997 and 1998.

Genetic mapping, and genetic coding of viri will explain the V5 more
fully to those not knowledgeable in medical or genetic terminology.
Discovery of the V5 will make a huge difference when formally
announced. Think for a moment what the full impact of such
ramifications would mean.

What would happen to the nation's, to the world's, population if
vampires were proven to be real? Real, but not at all like the
myths or legends.

To understand how DNA is altered by virus, we shall now look at
normal genetic coding. Genetic code The ability to use more than one
codon to specify a particular amino acid requires many different
(mRNA) as many amino acids as there are triplets. The corresponding
number of codon synonyms and (tRNA) results in the correspondence in
(mRNA) transcription. The attraction between the (tRNA) and the
triplets of the (mRNA) depends on the corresponding codon and the
anticodon. The degeneration of the code has a pattern for all amino
acids that have 2, 3, or 4 synonyms for the first 2 bases, one or
more triplets.

There may be a question as to where the triplets overlap.
Example: a sequence of AUGGUGG Where a non overlapping code 2 amino
acids, methioine (AUG) and prypothan (UGG) or could this really be 4
amino acids? Methioine (AUG), cysteiniel (UGU), valine (GUG), and
tryptophaine (UGG)? Really bad problems can come from over lapping
sequence AAU and AAC which may then read as AAUAAAC. This code could
not be followed by methioine because the overlapping codon which
resets UGA is a terminator codon.

It was once believed that any one particular codon that specified an
amino acid meant the same acid in all organisms. But it has been
noted that there are exceptions in humans; to note these exceptions,
go to the genetic code. Each (tRNA) molecule has 2 important

1.To attach itself to a certain amino acid

2.To place the acid in its proper place in the protein.

To do both jobs a sort of relocation site must exist in the (tRNA).
The anticodon is the compliment of a certain messenger in the

Before you can understand what the vampire virus is and how it
works, it is necessary to understand a bit of genetics and virus in


Because the vampire virus is closely related to, or you might say a
cousin to, both the flu and the AIDS virus or to more properly say,
related to the virus which goes on to cause HIV in humans. This
statement simply means V5 is a retro-virus. The things which makes
it so difficult to believe, and in fact is why most cannot believe
in the existence of the vampire virus, is the lack of general
understanding of how the v-virus can and does alter the human DNA to
permit the vampire symptoms and maladies to take effect on the once
human body. Most people do not believe the human DNA can be so
drastically altered.

This is a strange problem, since all retroviri (except for perhaps
some bacteria which are, of course, not viri) and one form of RNA,
viri do most commonly change the cell DNA and take over the
individual cell's original DNA. It commonly occurs in the flu virus
and in the HIV virus, both of which are related to the V5 virus.

To better understand how this virus works and how genetics plays a
part in the inherited factors, we must first look at the basics of
human genetic coding and regular and retroviri.

Those of you who have already had this in class, will see this is
basic text book stuff found in any source for the study of genes or
genetic coding. You have already read the above basics of genetic
coding and how important the sequence of amino acids and bases are
to the virus and its function in a cell.

Genetic coding is the means by which hereditary traits are passed
from one human, or other species, on to another of its own kind in
birth. Genetic code is the exact chemical equation by which the
information making heredity is passed on from the genes to the
proteins such as hemoglobin or pepsin. These and other proteins are
the ladder which structures the human body. Enliens, pollypeptides,
and hormones all serve to regulate these chemical reactions in the
body. Chromosomes are located in the Nucleic Acids.

The DNA or RNA of each Gene is responsible for making the Protein
involved in the development of each trait. Species allow Genes to
have the same effect on all its members in the same manner and so
effect all its members from generation to generation of that species.

The codon is the main unit. The Codon is involved with the structure
of nucleic acid. Both DNA and RNA are composed of a special sequence
of individual units called nucleotides. Each nucleotide consists of
three smaller units, a phosphate, a slayer, and a base.

There are 4 types of Base in DNA. Adenine, guainine6, both are
double rings called PENNIES and the last component thymine, is a
single ring component called pyramiadines in RNA. Uracilis is
prymiaine in RNA, wherever thymine would be found in DNA. The key is
the bases, and how they are arranged, and in which sequence in a
chain of single strand of (rnRNA) or DNA.

There are 20 different amino acids in proteins but only 4 bases.
Nucleotide bases that is. This provides for 4x4x4 different and
specific bases, 64 codons. There are more combinations actually but
these are all we need to look at right now to realize the structure
can be greatly varied as to acids and bases. With the exception of 3
of the 64 codons, each specifies one of the 20 amino acids in the

Most acids have more than one codon but some have triplets as we
have previously seen. The codons which specify are known as the
synonyms for the amino acid. During the bonding the protein
transfers to the genes the information. This occurs in 2 parts,
transcription and transition. The transcription acts as the triplet
on which the RNA pollynuecliotide chain, called the messenger RNA

The messenger carries the genetic code from the acids to the cell's
nucleus, to the nucleus of the ribosomes in the cytoplasms of the
cell. During the transcription (mRNA) is attached to the ribosomes
which are sections of three actual proteins. (mRNA) CODON determines
the sequence of amino acid in the protein. Synthesis each acid is
connected to the ribosomes molecule of transcription. (tRNA) which
has, in its nucleus, a sequence of three nucleotide bases. Contained
in an anticodon, and is complementary to a particular codon in the
(tRNA). An attraction hydrogen binding helps alter the RNA and
(mRNA). During this bonding a particular amino acid is transferred
to the polypeptide chain.

Doctors originally thought that only one strand, the sense strand,
of a double strand DNA contained the actual gene transcription into
the RNA directly. The other strand, the antisense strand, was
believed to function only as a replication. But this has now
changed. It has since been learned that in some cases both strands
are transcribed. This is considered a newer break through, something
not known a number of years ago. Whichever antisense RNA is
transcribed into protein or remains as RNA and may be a regulator to
the sequence. This is believed but has not been officially

In order for the Acid chain to be divided into sequence, each has to
have a specific message signal showing the beginning and end of each
sequence. (mRNA) contains a special codon at both ends of this
message, one that initiates and one that ends the transcription of
the Code. The triplet for the methioine (AUG) is the initiator codon
for the protein synthesis. When first formed, polypeptide chains
have methinomine as the first amino acid.

During the transcription process or after the protein chain is
completed some changes are usually made by the cellular entyines,
and these form the foundation protein. One of these changes is
sometimes the removal of methioine. There are 2 types of cells,
eukarotic and prorkryotic. The difference is prorkryotic cells don't
have a nucleus and rarely have a membrane. Both have DNA codons
called nonsense codons such as UAA, UAG, or UGA ... carry anticodons
and cannot be transcribed. (mRNA) codon is found in the messenger.


A virus is a living organism, a life form. It invades and takes over
human cells. The virus invades a cell, kills it or changes the DNA
of that cell and replaces the uninfected cells with replications of
its own kind. As it replaces the normal cells or changes the DNA in
the existing cell, it takes over the function of that cell. The body
fights to kill or destroy these cells, if it fails the body can
become ill and eventually die from this invasion, called an

There are 2 kinds of viri, virus and retrovirus. A retrovirus stores
genetic material as RNA instead of DNA in the cells.

Remember that the flu is a virus which contains itself in a protein
sphere, waiting for its release when you are more likely to be more
confined in the winter months. In the summer although, the flu is
also susceptible but one is more likely to be out in the open and
less likely to be confined in an area. Thus, spread of this virus
through coughing, nasal spray, and contact is more likely during the

In a retrovirus mainly the genetic material RNA is incorporated into
the host cell. Then the virus takes over the function of the cell
and in many cases changes or alters the DNA of the host cell while
replicating itself. Each time the host cell divides it makes an
exact and complete new copy of the new DNA along with its own genes.
There are hundreds of viri, the common flu is a virus as is HIV and
LAV which are cousins to the v-virus but manufactures itself in much
the same way.


Human Immune Deficiency Virus (HIV) is a retrovirus. A type of a
virus that stores genetic information as RNA rather than as DNA.
When the virus enters a targeted host cell, it releases its RNA and
then makes DNA using the viral RNA as a pattern. The viral DNA then
is incorporated into the host cell DNA. Each time a host cell
divides, it also makes a new copy of the integrated viral DNA along
with its own genes. The viral DNA can take over the functions of the
cell, become activated, causing the cell to produce new virus

These new viri are released from the infected cell to invade other
cells. The DNA and RNA factor is the difference between the
retrovirus and virus. The vampire virus works in much the same way
but does not go on to destroy the immune system. Instead it is coded
to replace regular genetic material and alter it in such a way as to
cause physical changes in the actual function of several aspects of
the human body such as in digestion, slower aging, increased
physical strength, mental capacity, etc.

The Genetic Code has certain characteristics which determine how and
under what conditions coding is to be read. The sequence of a
nucleotide base is to be read in certain sequences which show the
determination of the formations of the cell. Most amino acids in
proteins- and there are over 20 of them- have at least 2 codons,
however some have as many as 6.

In a situation in which 2 or more codon words have the same meaning
is called a degenerative code. The ability to use more than one
codon to specify a particular amino acid requires many different
(tRNA) as many amino acids as there are triplets. The correspondents
of the number of codons synonyms and (tRNA) results in the
correspondence in (mRNA ) transcription. The attraction between the
(tRNA) and the triplets of the (mRNA) depends on the correspondents
codon and the anticodon. The degeneration of the code has a pattern
for all amino acids that have 2, 3, or 4 synonyms for the first 2
bases one or more triplets.

In Summary

Genetic coding is the means by which heredity is passed from one
human species to another member of that species or any Species in
fact. Genetic code is the exact chemical equation by which the
information making heredity is passed on from the genes to the
proteins such as hemoglobin or pepsin.

These and other proteins are the ladder which structures the human
body. Enliens and pollypeptides, hormones, regulate these chemical
reactions in the body. To understand more of how V5 acts to change
the human cell structure in the human body we need to remember just
how HIV works on the body. The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is
a retrovirus, a type of virus that stores genetic information as RNA
rather than as DNA. When the virus enters a targeted host cell, it
releases its RNA and then makes DNA using the viral RNA as a
pattern. The viral DNA then is incorporated into the host cell DNA.

Each time a host cell divides, it also makes a new copy of the
integrated viral DNA along with its own genes. The viral DNA can
take over the functions of the cell, become activated, causing the
cell to produce new virus particles. These new viri are released
from the infected cell to invade other cells. The DNA and RNA factor
is the difference between the retrovirus and virus. In a similar
manner does V5 also slowly take over the function of the cells while
replicating itself. Definition: similarly affect the cell DNA of the
infected vampire

The medical and scientific community will make slowly released
announcements in approximately the following order. Release to the
general public announcements which have already been made on the TV
show nova regarding gene mapping, gene splicing.

Then the release of a newly discovered or mapped gene found to
prolong life, a prelude to this announcement was just accomplished
on NBC and ABC recent television broadcasts.

Next announcements on a human life extension program, which it has
already done but taking another direction as can be found in the
site links elsewhere on the main page of this site. The announcement
of a vaccine- not a cure- but a prevention of AIDS, which was just
released on NBC and ABC this week in June 1998.

Next shall come the announcement of the newly discovered virus which
in itself lead to the Aids / HIV Vaccine. And then the announcement
of the V5 virus itself. Then finally how V5 lead to the break
through for HIV cure and then how the research was actually
conducted. Finally telling the world about those people the research
was conducted upon. Those actual, living, genuine vampires.

To get the proof you all seek so desperately all you need do is wait
for this time line to play itself out. Its that simple. How long
will all this take? I do not know. The prediction is three to six
years as the time line goes. Not long to wait really.

Now how does all this relate to the prophecies? As you read over the
prophecies, think of what happens if the vampires do not want this
information getting out. Suppose there is a differing of opinion in
the overall world wide vampire communities; for the sake of
discussion lets say 50 percent of the vampire population felt this
information should not be released as the end result would
inevitably lead to a vaccine for V5 as well as Aids. If this
occurred what could it mean to the vampiric world.

The vaccine I speak of is NOT the HIV vaccine, or the segment known
as HIV5, but could be produced as a derivative of the same.

1. A vaccine used as part of an Aids preventive will one day be
given to all children under the age of five probably included in
their normal childhood shots. These human children grow into adults
and become some volunteers for vampire feeding.

The vampires who feed upon this blood ingest the antibodies for the
V5 as well since V5 was used in its manufacture. Or that there is
also simply a vaccine for V5 given to all children to prevent their
being infected once it is believed and understood that real and
actual vampires exist. Now the vampire ingests this medically
treated blood and the antibodies in the volunteers blood begins to
activate on the vampire. If his/her DNA is altogether changed, it is
only the virus taking over the cell functions which is keeping it

To destroy that virus at this stage or for the vaccine to affect the
vampire DNA at a later date could mean killing the V5, hence killing
the host, death to the vampire itself.

With the general population so vaccinated there is much less of a
food source for the vampire and competition for the remaining
available unvaccinated humans becomes fierce.

2. The information about the vampire can also lead to hunters
making weapons to kill the vampire more easily and efficiently. Why
then would a vampire want this information to go to the general

Without a cure for AIDS, in very little relative time many, many
millions of humans will die, disturbing the balance of nature. Both
their own relation to the environment and the human balance relation
to the vampire.

Many vampires feel this natural balance should not be altered, It is
a prevailing belief that humans must be saved to preserve the
natural balance and order of the planet and therefore it is most
necessary to help cure AIDS.

Many vampires feel it is inevitable that humans will one day find
the vamp virus and thus a vaccine for it. It is the hope of the
vampires that human kind can be taught to coexist and in so doing
may find a way to help the vampire survive.

On one hand we have those who wish no knowledge given out. Let the
humans die of AIDS or anything else, it is natural selection. Then
there are the others. "NO! we must preserve the natural balance at
all costs."

Now reread the prophecies, perhaps they will now make more sense to
you. The truth is vampires are indeed real, they are a product of an
ages old inherited virus which alters DNA and creates the
differences. These kinds and type of genetically caused illnesses
are well known today and new viri are being discovered all the

V5 is an ancient illness only now coming into the light of modern
day. Its form and reasons are simple and easily understood by
anyone with an open mind and willingness to wait for the medical
proof to be announced. It will indeed be made known and no doubt
disputed at first.

But, in the end, the vampire will be as common as the human.

The new question then being, if the human cannot live peaceably with
its own kind how can there be the needed balance between the human
and vampire?

And will either species allow the other to exist at all?

Now to better understand it all I suggest you start from the
beginning and reread this entire site, then you will realize only
you can make that decision, only you.