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Alias: fate och fate magazine


Jag inköpte ett exemplar av FATE från Pressbutiken i Göteborg idag. (De har en hel del kul tidningar!)

FATE är en klassisk tidskrift om det övernaturliga. Den har funnits i närmare 50 år. Förr utkom den i ett format som liknade en pocketbok. Nu har den ett mera normalt format (typ A4), är 80 sidor tjock och utkommer 12 gånger om året. En tvåårsprenumeration (24 nummer) kostar $33 + porto på $8. Det gör ca 6 sidor per krona. Det kan jämföras med Sökaren som kostar ca 1 kr per sida. Reklamen upptar kankse en fjärdedel av tidningen.


Här är innehållet

Sidan 04:I See By the Papers - Traditional medicine is lacking.
Sidan 08:Psychic Frontiers - Animal's healing powers help us.
Sidan 14:The New Millennium - Prophecies and future changes. How accurate are such predictions?
Sidan 18:Beyond the Known - The golden age of forteana.
Sidan 22:Our Stange World - Phony paranormal photographs.
Sidan 24:The Bridgewater Triangle - Bizarre creatures in Massachusetts.
Sidan 26:UFO Chronicle - UFOs: The best evidence video review.
Sidan 30:Astro Almanac
Sidan 31:New Healing Techniques from Ancient India

Learn simple techniques and an easy style of living that can help you stay young and healthy. These methods combine Ayuvedic healing from ancient India with traditional Western medicine.
Sidan 36:Ross Peterson - Another Edgar Cayce?

This Michigan-born former hypnotist taught himself to be a psychic. After an intensive four-year training period, he developed the same amazing abilities as Cayce. Read about this Canadian psychic's startling predictions for the future.
Sidan 39:Black Magic Treasure Hunt

In 1715, a small group of men banded together to uncover a secret treasure. They employed magic as the means by which the fortune was to be found, but the final result was far from what they desired.
Sidan 42:The Eternal Bond Between You and Your Pet

Here is a guide to help pet owners prepare for and cope with the death of a beloved animal companion. Read about how you can make your pet's remaning years as comfortable and stress free as possible.
Sidan 44:Hoyne Avenu Ghost - Poltergeist haunts a Chicago home.
Sidan 49:Cigarette Companies Wouldn't Lie to Us, Would They? - Harmful cigarette ingridients.
Sidan 51:Timely Omens - A missing watch foretells a heart attack.
Sidan 53:Thaipusam - A Festival of Trances - Mystics feel no pain while in trance.
Sidna 55:Ghostly Fragrances - Spirits leave scents behind.
Sidan 58:True Mystic Experiences - Dream foretells perfect tenant's arrival.
Sidan 61:My Proof of Survival - A ten-year-old boy foresees his death.
Sidan 64:Book Reviews - Biology As Ideology, McDaniel Report.
Sidan 69:Readers of the Month
Sidan 70:Report From the Readers - FATE readers' column.
Sidan 76:Classified Advertising

Notice to readers: All articles published in FATE are true and verified by documentation and/or notarized statements. Comments made in columns, Report from the Readers or in articles where they are obviously the idea of the writer may not represent the opinion of FATE magazine and Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.