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Behandlar Esoterisk energi
Publicerad år 1987
ISBN 0-85207-184-1
sidantal 290
Av John Davidson
Publicerad av Saffron Walden

Subtle energies are the higher levels of energy beginning just beyond our normal perceptive abilities.

Alias: subtle energy

Omfång14x22 cm



1. Forword (by Simon Martin)

Prologue - The mystical Reality

2. Chapter 1 - The Microcosm and the Macrocosm - The Subtle Constitution of Man
  • General Introduction Concepts
  • The Six Chakras Within The Physical Body
  • Summary

3. Chapter 2 - Mysticism, Subtle Energy and Human Experience
4. Chapter 3 - Spiritual, Mental and Physical Healing Energies
  • General Introductory Concepts
  • The Healing of a True Mystic
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Positive Thinking, Visualization, Psychological Therapies
  • Physical Healing
  • Vibrational Aspects of Disease

5. Chapter 4 - Energy, Polarity and Harmony
  • General Introductory Concepts
  • Sub-Atomic Spin and Magnetism
  • Ball Lightning and Particle Spin
  • Subtle Energy Terminology
  • The Mind - Emotion - Body Complex
  • Body Polarities
  • Correct Living Habits
  • Pollution
  • Electromagnetic Pollution
  • Bio-Entrainment
  • Addiction to Electromagnetic Radiation - Computer & Video Junkies
  • The Earth's Magnetism and Subtle Energy Fields

6. Chapter 5 - Polarity Balancing Therapies
  • Dr Stone's Polarity Therapy
  • Magnetism, Electrical Polarities and the Work of Davis & Rawls
  • Bio-Crystal Pulsors and The Work of Dr George Yao
  • Summary

7. Chapter 6 - Crystals, Resonance and Modern Physics
  • Sub-Atomic Structure
  • Resonance
  • Crystalline Matter
  • Gem Remedies and Colour Healing
  • Sub-Atomic Fingerprint
  • Crystal-Based Technology

8. Chapter 7 - Subtle Energy Interface: The Bioelectronic-Biomagnetic Body
  • General Introductory Concepts
  • Molecular and Heat Auras
  • The Body Electric
  • Electromagnetic Life Energies
  • Modern Approaches To The Therapeutic Use of Magnetic Fields
  • The Biochemical Connection
  • A Bodily Crystalline System
  • Colour, The Iris, Iridology, Energy and Sunshine
  • Summary

9. Chapter 8 - Earth Energies, Feng Shui and Pyramid Energy
  • The Earth's Magnetic Field - Vitamins, Herbs & Jet Lag
  • The Earth's Elecrostatic Field
  • Geopathic Disturbances and Stress - Magnetic, Electromagnetic and Electrostatic
    • Therapeutic Consequences of Geopathic Stress
    • Disease and Geophatic Stress
    • Yin (Negative Stress)
    • Yang (Positive Stress)
    • Grid Stresses
    • Radiation
    • Electromagnetism
    • Detection of Geopathic Stress
  • Feng Shui
  • Money As Energy, Prosperity
  • Pyramid Energies & The Influence Of Shape

10. Shapter 9 - The Etheric or Health Aura
  • The Etheric Body
  • Miasms and The Vibrational Pattern of Disease
  • Emotional and Mental Energies and Their Presence Within the Aura
  • Charisma

11. Chapter 10 - Dowsing and Detection of Subtle Energies
  • Pendelums and Divining Rods
  • Getting Started
  • How Does Dowsing Work?
  • Dowsing Rates
  • Animals, Dowsing and Subtle Energy Perception
  • Sophisticated Dowsing Instruments
  • Subtle Energy Photography

12. Chapter 11 - Vibrational Science & The Harnessing of Subtle Energies
  • Harnessing Subtle Energies
  • A Six Dimensional Universe
  • Scalar Electromagnetic Theory and Viritual Fiels Engineering
  • Vibrational Science

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Subtle energies are the higher levels of energy beginning just beyond our normal perceptive abilities. They are sometimes seen as a scintillating, sparkling, rainbow effect around objects, making them seem almost transparent and with their sub-atomic and more inward structure revealed to a heightened, perceptive gaze. Subtle energies are the blueprint of denser forms of matter and energy, the energy matrix out of which our perceivable universe is manifested. Indeed, some theories in modern physics are now able to provide a conceptual framework in which this manifestation from the subtle state can be both understood, and even engineered.

Around and within living creatures, including man, subtle energies are seen as an aura, reflecting the health, personality and spirituality of the individual.

Subtle Energy is about these energies and the role they play in the natural economy and in healing. The subtle effects of electromagnetic pollution are also discussed.

The author holds a degree in biological sciences from Cambridge University, and has had a lifelong intrest in the natural, the scientific and the mystical.

...compelling...the very first textbook relating to twenty-first century technology."
- The Unknown

...one can be grateful that such a work has burst upon us at this critical juncture in the history of this planet. Perhaps we have a new classic here...

...a unique and important book."
- Beyond Science