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Andlig personlighet med "mandat" att guida planeten jorden och dess bebyggares uppstigning till den 5:e dimensionen.

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En kosmisk frände

Channeled by Eric Klein

This is Ashtar. I am very happy to be here with you to share information and the love that we can share together in these momentous times. I would like to address some information concerning the Ashtar Command; our purpose, who we are, and what we are doing here speaking to you in this strange manner.
You have been introduced to this Ascension idea, this plan of ours. Let me say it is a plan of Sananda under whose auspices we are working directly. I would like to speak a little bit about my role and the role of the Ashtar Command in fulfilling this. Perhaps it will put your mind more at ease about extraterrestrial ascended beings surrounding you. If this is a new idea to you then I am sure there is or has been at least a little bit of alarm, so I come to soothe. We are human in appearance as you are. There are humans throughout the universe. The earth is not the only inhabited planet, and as the Lord made man in his image, it is only logical that there are images of Him scattered throughout His creation.
The Ashtar Command is an intergalactic alliance of etheric ships, human beings and angelic beings. We are here on a mission and we have been for many thousands of years. We have been monitoring and assisting in the evolvement of the planet and the consciousness of the human species. We have from time to time manifested physically, but, largely, we work spiritually. There may come a time, probably there will come a time, when you will see our ships, but it is a little too early for that yet. We are remaining in the 5th dimension. So we are surrounding you with millions of ships and many millions of volunteers, servants. and ascended beings. You cannot see us unless we lower our frequency to 3rd- dimensional time and space. Nevertheless we are here and we are fully functioning. In fact, at this time our efforts have been redoubled and we have a great number of fleets surrounding the planet doing much work.
Our work consists of many different areas. Largely, we are assisting in the elevation of consciousness during this period in which the planet is growing towards its Ascension. We are assisting in evolvement. We are delivering our trainings to you in your sleep. We are delivering our telepathic messages to those of you who can hear and receive them. We are opening communication links each day. There are more and more of you who are opening to the aspects of channeling and telepathic communication with us. And when I say us, I am referring to the Ashtar Command and all of the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood. We are working in unison you see. Each of us in our different areas of specialty but as a coordinated effort. We are a very organized group of beings. We take time for fun and play as you do. In fact we have perfected it a little bit more than you have, for we have a little more freedom, and yet at the same time we are quite organized and impeccable in our manifestations. At least we try to be.
Aside from the work that we are doing with these communications and messages in enhancing individual spiritual growth, we are working with the planet, and we have been for some time, to assist the planet in maintaining balance. We have up until recently been working to deter activities along the fault lines. This activity has ceased. It is time now to - allow this to occur and it is occurring; earthquakes, etc.
We have been working with our technology to assist in controlling somewhat the rotation of the earth. controlling the wobble which will inevitably result in a new polar shift. We have been doing much to focus the light which is being broadcast from the Creator Himself throughout the universe. Specifically we have been working with energy grids. These are difficult to describe. They appear somewhat like meridian lines with various vortex points which surround your planet; and we use these grids to assist in balancing and controlling the rate and the nature of the spiritual ray which is emanating to your world. This is, as I have said, to assist in balancing, for your world is existing in a state of precarious balance. At this time we are doing everything we can, and have been for quite some time, to allow you and all of humanity to have the maximum time to develop spiritually and to be prepared for the change and the Ascension which is taking place on this world.
With regard to Ascension I would say that the Earth herself is ascending. This is an unavoidable growth which must occur and it will result in some Earth changes. Most likely they will be quite dramatic. We are working with individual Ascension especially strongly at this time because the time is so critical. We are attempting to reach as many beings as possible, especially the starseed or volunteers, you who have been among us in the past and will return to be with us again. We are assisting all those on this planet who are open to spiritual growth and awareness at this time. All those who have love in their hearts are feeling this emanation that we are assisting in and are receiving subconscious messages from us.
It gives me great pleasure to be here with you. Some of you are new to me, at least in this particular format, though we have been watching and observing all of you for some time. I must say you are branded individuals. You are all glowing a little bit more profoundly than most of your cohorts here on Earth. So it is very difficult for you to escape our attentions. Because you are glowing so much it makes it easier for us to connect with you and to find you no matter where you may try to hide, to share with you the love that we have, and the gifts that we have awaiting you. It is a time of great celebration on our part and I think on your part. It is a matter of your assimilating this information and especially assimilating this new energy which is manifesting. As you do so you will find your life becomes more and more of a celebration and there is more joy and love within you and things begin to look quite a bit more positive. You have been surrounded by negative thoughts and emanations for many lifetimes. We are deprogramming you in our way, not by brainwashing you but by showering you with so much love that you must melt. So if you have hardened your hearts a little bit in an effort to protect yourselves I understand this. It is part of your growth process; but love will melt this ice. For what we come to share is the same love that has been ex- pressed by every master who has been here.
Sananda is our Supreme Commander. We work in conjunction with the archangels, specifically Archangel Michael. We are a broad spectrum alliance of beings. We come from near and far in the universe and from other universes. We come as volunteers and servants and I will tell you why we come. It is because we have experienced so much love we don't know what to do with it. And we must share. So we come from the far corners of the universe to areas which have yet to attain the restructuring and reordering that the Creator has ordained and we come in a timely manner to assist. Now we will assist in your Ascension.
I will speak a little bit about your individual Ascension work as this is the main focus of this class and our role in it. Let me say that there is a spiritual science to this Ascension. It is involved with love. It is involved with spiritual growth primarily but there is also a certain high tech aspect to it. This is where our etheric ships or merkabah vehicles come into play.
We are here surrounding the planet and we are in touch with all of you and we are awaiting your evacuation and Ascension. This is the physical lifting back into our ships where your Ascension process will be completed. Those of you who are aware of and feel comfortable with the extraterrestrial or Space Brotherhood aspect of this Ascension will have an experience of entering our ships upon the time of your lifting. There are other beings who have not this understanding and if they were to find themselves in that situation would perhaps teel fear or disorientation. They will be feeling the Ascension in somewhat different ways but they will also be lifted into the ships, though they may have the experience that they are being accompanied by angels rather than space beings. You see, there is very little difterence or no difference.
So, the first wave is what we are focusing on at this time as we said in our previous class. As Sananda said concerning the first wave, it is to manifest as soon as there are sufficient volunteers. For our part we are ready on our end of things.
We are continuing to align the energy grids and to focus the energy to assist in the growing presence of God upon this planet and within this planet and within each of you. We are doing work to assist in the clearing of the emotional body of the earth, the emotional aura which has contained much of negative emotions and negative projections. This manifests often as air pollution. We are working to clear this somewhat. All of this work makes the path of Ascension all that much easier, as there are then less layers of density for you to go through.
Nevertheless, we are mainly waiting for more volunteers who are interested in this first wave of Ascension and who are willing to take the time and energy to prepare themselves for this. Sananda has already outlined the general ways you can prepare yourselves.
I will say that at the time of your lifting regardless of whether it is the first or subsequent liftings your experience will be somewhat as He has outlined. You will be taken to a ship. You will be lifted physically as an etheric and physical being. You will be given an opportunity to make choices concerning your next manifestation. You could continue to work with planet Earth as an Ascended Master or you could return to one of the more spiritual realms from which you came. Some of you have sources that are extremely different from your current manifestations. Some of you are angelic beings and others are of the Space Brotherhood. Some are humans or other ascended beings. You will be reconnected with your original presence, who you truly are.
So. given the information that you will receive at that time you will make a choice as to whether you desire to continue your work in this area. I recommend this as the most profound spiritual leap you could take ... to become an Ascended Master and to return. There are many choices and the choice will be yours. You will receive training if you wish to be an Ascended Master and return to assist the remainder of humanity in their Ascension process.
All must be lifted or leave this planet in some way in the remaining years in order to make way for the Earth's clearing. There will be much training offered to you. You will be able to experience a great deal of wonder at first until you reacclimate yourself. You will be taken to one of the mother ships. There we will have a great celebration. We are growing impatient to be reunited with you as you are with us You will find that it is likely some of you may have surpassed us in your spiritual evolvement. So I would recommend that you do not look at us as Gods who are above you, who are to be worshipped, but, rather as your brothers and sisters.
You will have the opportunity, if you choose, to remain upon the ships. The ships you will be housed in are quite large. There are, of course, shuttle craft. There are platforms. There is one that is situated over this home as this is one of the headquarters of the Ashtar Command. We have a communications platform etherically located above this dwelling. You will be taken to the mother ships where you will be able to experience rest and relaxation as some of you are growing quite weary with 3rd-dimensional limitation. It will be time for you to reacquaint yourself with your spiritual powers and your I AM presence. You will merge and become again ascended beings. You will have to be retrained in aspects of creativity and manifestatioll and with your powers and how to use them.
You will have no more need to struggle on a survival level. You will have what you desire instantaneously manifested by your own desire. This all ascended beings can do. In my opinion it is one of the unfortunate circumstances of this Earth life or 3rd-dimensional life that all who are here are so limited and enslaved by the need to earn a livelihood to pay for food and lodging. All this takes so much time and energy. You have a very difficult time and very little energy left for even a minimum of spiritual work and service. Some of you have this somewhat beat but most of humanity is still struggling for survival. So you will have to get used to having a lot more freedom. I think you will enjoy this. You will have to get u.sed to being connected consciously and constantly with the Creator. You are working towards this now. Some of you are making great strides in your growth. Nevertheless, until your final Ascension you will still have a remainder of limited ego or density around you. So regardless of the state that you attain. which can be quite expanded, there will still be a transformation which takes place at that last moment.
So, what is it like living on an etheric 5th-dimensional ship? It is quite pleasant and aesthetic. Some of the ships are hundreds of miles in diameter. There are cycles such as you experience here of day and night ... simulated cycles. Sunlight is processed in a way such as to still allow for a day and night experience. There are natural settings. We have forests, streams, lakes, and oceans full of creatures. We do not have poison oak however. We have selected wisely from among all species. You might say it is a very Eden-like existence. It is similar to what the Earth will become after the Earth changes have occurred and the Earth has ascended to a 5th-dimensional entity. There will be a time when those who are evacuated will be offered the opportunity to return to Earth as ascended beings and to recolonize the Earth. The Earth will be dramatically improved by that point. And those beings who inhabit the Earth will have the same Ascended Master capabilities as those of us on other planes do now. So there will be no need to have a good credit rating. You will all have unlimited credit with the Creator. You will all use your credit wisely and responsibly to create manifestations that are in alignment with God's will. It will be automatic with you at that point. So there is no fear of misusing your powers. You will be purified to the extent that you will have no more desire to abuse the privileges that you will be receiving.
After some time spent aboard the ships you will have completed your training. Then you will be returning, those of you who decide to follow this course as Ascended Masters, to Earth, to exist here and to walk side by side with humans to create quite a ruckus with your manifestations: your miracles, your ability to materialize and dematerialize at will, your ability to create out of etheric substance all that you require. l think you have heard of the powers of Sananda when he was here as Jesus. This is what I am referring to. As it is written in the Scriptures it is our hope that you will do what He did and more. This is available to you. We are hoping with this brilliant plan, that with enough returnees as Ascended Masters manifesting ""[dramatically] throughout the globe, ""[to] create quite a stir. It should inspire many others to find out what is going on and to question this New Age that is manifesting. There will be much teaching and you will be trained. You will know how to protect yourselves from any negativity. And you will know how to read human beings, read their thoughts and feelings. You will have full use of the mind. And as Sananda said, you will be immortal and ever youthful. So, when you return you will look a little bit younger and more radiant but you will still look the same. You will still be the same being though somewhat transformed.
So this is the work that we are doing in this class. It's to prepare you for all of this and to answer your questions which will arise. We will be working more and more experientially with you from this point onwards to assist you in preparing, purifying and healing yourselves. This is to open your hearts to unconditional love for yourselves so that you can fulfill the requirements necessary to partake of this adventure. If you have been bored up until now with your Earth life, and many of you have, having somewhat of a remembrance of what it is like to be an ascended being or Creator/God, now your time of boredom is over. Now it is time to awaken and prepare yourselves. Make your decisions concerning this Ascension process. You will not avoid it but you may perhaps postpone it a bit. But why postpone what is so blissful and so liberating? It is your destiny.
Above and beyond all your worldly manifestations and missions and services your Ascension is your prime directive at this time. It is your primary service. By giving yourself to the Ascension process you will realign your priorities somewhat and you will find it much simpler knowing where to put your energy.
You will be more directed if you have not been until now. You will be more inspired to meditate. You will have more of a reason to meditate. You will feel a little bit more of an imminence. You will feel more of a presence around you if you will give yourself to this process. It is your choice. l am here as a recruiter. l will not make you sign anything for you will sign in your own hearts. But I tell you that the joy and the love we have to offer and to share with you is far beyond what you have yet experienced. You can have the experience of day-to-day growth and closeness with the Ascended Masters. You can have easy access and communication with the Ashtar Command and the Ascended Brotherhood. In fact this is part of our teaching and part of our preparation. This contact is to open you because it is very beneficial at this time.
This article is excerpted from The Crystal Stair.
Eric Klein has practiced meditation for 20 years and has been channeling the ascended masters since 1985. During the past two years, under the guidance of Sananda, Ashtar and others, the focus has been the personal and plane tary Ascension process. For a complete listing of channelings available on type. or intormation about public events, contact Oughten House Publications, P.O. Box 3134, Livermore, CA. 94551 -3134. Tele- phone and FAX (510) 447-2332.
Ashtar is a Christed Extraterrestrial Master whose current service is as commander of the Confederation Fleet in our sector of the universe. He serves directly under guidance from Sanada to coordinate all activities of the Confederation in service to the Divine Plan. Through this channel his work involves the activation and preparation of starseeds in support of the planetary ascension process.
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