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Akashakrönikan sägs lagra allt som någonsin hänt och även allt som kommer att hända.

Alias: akashakrönikan, god's book of remembrance och kollektiv kunskap


Akashakrönikan sägs lagra allt som någonsin hänt och även allt som kommer att hända. All kunskap, gången, nutida och framtida. Detta kan ses som en teori för ESP.


These are found in the buffer zone between the astral and mental worlds, part astral part mental and, in a way, extending into all levels. They are a record of every thought and event that has ever occurred, like a huge, infinite, mental history, picture book. The Akashic records also contain probabilities stemming from, and created by, past events, actions and thoughts. This is like looking into the future. To make any kind of sense of the Akashic records yourself, some skill in clairvoyance is a definite help.

If you tune into the Akashic records yourself you will normally see those events with the greatest amount energy around them. Wars and disasters are the easiest to see because of this. The energy surrounding these events make them stand out above all the rest, making them easier to see. If you look into the future, the area of probabilities, you enter into a confusing maelstrom of symbolism mixed with actual events.

This future symbolism is caused by the belief systems of the major religions. Millions of people in the world have believed in some form of prophecy for thousands of years. Whether it is the Bible's Book of Revelations or the prophecies of Nostradamus. These ancient prophecies are all richly steeped in symbolism. This symbolism affects the way people think and dream about the future. This symbolism, in turn, manifests in the Akashic records as symbolic representations of future events. The symbolism is a big help, it makes consulting the Akashic records easier.

You can use the Akashic symbolism as an index. For example, the reference below to The Dogs of War is easily understandable as representing war. The Grim Reaper is a universal symbol of death and destruction. So, if you are interested in this kind of future event you tune into this symbolic index for WAR, then browse through the category of past and future wars. Apart from some clairvoyant ability, a knowledge of history, geography, religious symbolism, current affairs world leaders and heads of state is a big help; when indexing past and future events.

For example, in the future vision I give below: If I had known WHO the well known person I saw addressing a crowd below WAS, and recognised the country; I could have made an accurate prediction of future events instead of being wise, AFTER the event.

I entered the state of consciousness called the Akashic records. There I was inundated with a mass of symbolism. I was seeing in four dimensions at once. My conscious mind did not assimilate this very well. I saw wars, famines, plagues, disasters, earthquakes, volcanoes erupting, plane crashes, murders, etc, it was terribly confusing and depressing.

I saw one piece of symbolism I recognised though and tuned into it, indexed it. The Grim Reaper holding The Dogs of War (as described by various prophets) These dogs were fearsome beasts with Red eyes and slavering jaws. They were held in check by this hooded figure, with an evil skull for a face, carrying a sickle. He released these dogs as I watched, symbolising a coming war.

Tuning into this scene, I was there floating above it all, I could feel the sunshine and smell the city below me. I saw a man standing on a raised dais, under two giant scimitar swords. He was giving a charismatic speech to many thousands of people. One of the swords turned into a Christian Crusader's broad sword. The man was Saddam Hussein, the scene was in Baghdad, at the monument to the unknown soldier. I saw this six months before the Gulf war started. I did not learn WHO Saddam Hussein WAS, or WHERE this scene took place though, until it was televised during the gulf war.

Looking through the Akashic records is like leafing through an infinite mental photo album. You are bombarded with an awesome array of the sights and sounds of past, present and probable futures. You have to select one of these thought records, tune into it and enter it. You will then live through the record as if you were really there, watching it as it happens.

Consulting with the Akashic records can be done alone if you have the skill, but is normally done with the assistance of an advanced being from a higher level of existence. This is done as a sort of telepathic guided tour. The enormous amount of information and chaff is filtered out for you and the selected record, of past events or future probability, is presented to you clairvoyantly, via a telepathic link with the... librarian.

Some people claim to have entered the Akashic Records and found something like a library there, with real books. The past, present and future was recorded as text in these books. Some people even say they have read a record, then entered into it, and experience the record first hand.

All these claims are consistent with the Akashic Records. These are librarian assisted guided tours, where the Akashic Records have been presented as something familiar, easy to use and easy to accept.


Ett ockult begrepp: en världskrönika i vilken allt som sker upptecknas genom magnetisering i astralljuset.

Begreppet är skapat av Helena Blavatsky i Isis Unveiled (1877); krönikan kallas också Guds minne och Livets bok. Idén till detta har hon troligen fått från Paracelsus och dennes föreställning om en världssjäl, anima mundi. Föreställningen har vidareutvecklats främst av Rudolf Steiner. Med hjälp av meditationsteknik kan människan enligt Steiner lära sig att läsa i Akashakrönikan. och få kunskap om fördolda ting.


Akashakrönikan (AZOTH) är en sfär bestående av mycket höga vibrationer (Det Astrala Ljuset) där det förflutna, det nuvarande och det framtida är för evigt förekommande. akashakrönikan anses finnas i YESOD, även om det även cirkulerar uppgifter om CHESED. Krönikan kan i Det Astrala ljuset uppfattas som en ändlös rad fyrdimensionella (djup, bredd, längd, tid) bilder. Många magiker tillbringar en stor del av sin tid på astralplanet med att studera akashakrönikan, för att på detta sätt få kännedom om hemligheter ur det förflutna och framtiden.