Where Science & Magic Meet Bok

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är Bok
Publicerad år 1991
ISBN 1-85230-446-4
sidantal 275
Av Serena Roney-Dougal
Publicerad av Dorset

Is there a link between science and the occult? Are psychic phenomena natural rather than super-natural?

Alias: where science & magic meet

Omfång23x16 cm
FörordJohn Michell



  • Acknowledgements
  • Foreword
  • Introduction

1. The Subliminal Mind
  • A Short History of Parapsychology
    • Victorian times
    • 1930-50
    • 1950-today
  • Receptive Psi
    • Personality and psi awareness
    • States of consciousness
  • Active Psi: Psychokinesis
  • Primary Process Thinking -- the Fascinating World of the Subliminal Mind
    • Why opening up the subliminal mins is so important
    • Perceptual defence, psi-missing and defence mechanisms
    • Symbolisms and archetypes
  • Brain Connections with Mind
  • Techniques for Becomming Aware of the Subliminal Mind

  • 1. Biofeedback
    2. Ganzfeld
    3. Yoga Nidra
    4. Autogenic technique
    5. Meditation
    6. Hypnosis
    7. Trance
    8. Psychotropic plants
  • Magic and the Subliminal Mind: Connections between Science, Occultism and Mysticism

2. Parapsychology: The Scientific Study of the Tools of Magic
3. The Holographic Universe: A New/Old World-View
  • Introduction to the Looking-Glass Reality
    • Thresholds and the subconscious
    • The quantum brain
    • From coincidence to synchronicity
  • Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle

  • 1. When observing something we choose what we want to see
    2. The individual can never be wholly known of itself

  • The Principle of Non-locality
    • The EPR paradox
  • The Implicate Order
    • The holographic universe
    • Bohm's implicate order -- a description of psychic space
    • Bohm -- the implication of his ideas

4. The Pineal Gland: Third Eye and Psychic Chakra

  • Folklore: East and West
  • The anthropological evidence
  • The Neurochemistry of psi
    • The pineal gland
    • Serotonin and melatonin
    • Light/dark cycles -- the biological clock
    • Psychosis, psychedelics and the pineal
  • The Kundalini - Is It Real?
    • The yogic chakra system
    • The pineal gland: Ajna Chakra
    • Thethyroid glands: Vishuddhi Chakra
    • The heast centre: Anahata Chakra
    • The solar plexus: Manipura Chakra
    • The root of the spinal cord: Swadhistana Chakra
    • The coccygeal plexus: Muladhara Chakra
  • Conclusions

5. Earth Magic: Sensitivity to the Earth's Magnetic Field
  • Electricity
    • Some basic electrostatics
    • The negative effects of electricity
    • The healing properties of electromagnetic energy
  • The Sun
    • An electromagnetic basis behind the aura?
  • The Earth is a Giant Bar Magnet
    • Our sixth sense
    • The earth's magnetic field and psychic ability
    • The pineal and the earth's magnetic field -- the 25 hour clock
    • Dowsing and geomagnetism
    • UFOs and geomagnetism
    • UFOs and the psyche
  • Sacred Sites -- The Wider Aspects of Geomagnetism and Psychic Phenomena
    • Leylines
    • Barrows -- ancient Reichian orgone energy accumulators?
    • Some implications

6. The Fairy Faith


1. The coarse and country fairy
2. The banshee (bean-sidhe), the 'white ladies' of fairy woman
3. The British elf
4. Pagan deities


1. Elementals -- devas, sylvan spirits and deas or 'mothers'
2. Poltergeists and other psychic spiritual aspects
3. Corn circles and circle dancing
4. Memories, myths and legends of the Neolithic peoples
  • Connection with the Old Religion: Philosophy and the Fairy Faith
    • The science of magic
    • The mysteries
    • The rebirth doctrine of the Celts
  • The Fairy-Faith Philosophy

7. Natural Magic: The Goddess Reawakening
  • Woman and the Psychic -- Return of the Subliminal Mind
    • The fear of psi in our society
  • Witchcraft and 'Black Magick'
    • The magical power of love
  • Archaeology -- A search for the Origins of the Craft
  • Paganism and its Relationship with Magic
    • The psychic arts
    • Traditional techniques
  • Modern Conception of Paganism and Witchcraft
    • Covens
    • Festivals
    • Tree, Stone, Water
    • Paganism today

8. The Emerging Relationship Between Science and Mysticism
  • Definition of the Term 'God'
    • The relationship between Godspirit and psi-magic
  • The great Chain of Being
    • The interface between psience and religion
  • The Social Implications
    • The emerging philosophy -- a potential change in world view
    • Some thoughts regarding Spirit
    • The Energy-Matter Equation
    • Science with a Conscience
  • Notes
  • References
  • Index



Is there a link between science and the occult? Are psychic phenomena natural rather than super-natural?

In this revised and updated controversial book, Serena Roney-Dougal breaks down the traditionally-held barriers between science and magic. She points to a common ground that links developments in the new sciences with the ancient wisdom of the various occult and spiritual traditions.

We share the exciting results of her research on the scientific validation of psychic phenomena. Drawing on her ground-breaking work on the pineal gland - something called the third eye - and the phenomenon of second sight, she shows that the greatest implication of psychic phenomena is that each of us is potentially aware of the natural magic of our earth and of everything in the universe.